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The confrontation between the fronts of truth and falsehood

On the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the establishment of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center
The confrontation between the fronts of truth and falsehood
Mohammad Muwahidy: The foundation stone of the intellectual center laid by Mr. Misbah was later followed by his friends, especially Mr. Hojjat al-Islam wal Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, until in 1991, based on the same line of thought, the "Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center" was established and started his intellectual and cultural campaigns against the false front. Now we are on the threshold of the 31st anniversary of the fruitful and blessed life of this valuable, stately and revolutionary collection.
There have always been two fronts of truth and falsehood in the world, and these two fronts will continue until the end of the world according to what is understood from the verses and traditions. One is the right front with restrictions and the other is the false front, which has no restrictions in most fields and the use of tools and devices (tricks and tricks) and sometimes even appears in the clothes of the right and deceives people.
Today, more than ever, the organization of the false front has been increased. Therefore, they have expanded their hegemony in most countries by using the tools they have.
The functioning of the false front is in such a way that they seduce the nations by using the power of the media and chanting interesting and beautiful slogans, and they put their own leaders at the head of the affairs of the countries, or they make the leaders of the countries align with them by coaxing and threatening, from In this way, they loot the material and spiritual assets of the countries under their rule.
In today's world, the global arrogance led by America, the Zionist regime, and the governments of the western countries are examples of the atom front of falsehood, whose hateful domination has cast a shadow over the world and has brought great misfortunes upon the nations of the world and even their own nations.
On the other hand, it is the Right Front that unfortunately faces many limitations, some of these limitations are natural; Because the Right Front cannot use any means to achieve its goal except legitimate channels; But some other limitations of the Right Front are related to the weakness and lack of work of some of the guardians of this front, who are either basically indifferent to the surrounding issues or are invalid due to internal differences and affected by the atmosphere of the front.
In recent years, the false front, which was divided into two parts, East and West, was raging almost all over the world, and on the other hand, no one was able to confront it; But after the victory of the revolution based on high humane, Islamic, rightist, libertarian and justice-oriented values ​​led by a religious figure in the Islamic Republic of Iran against the royal regime at the time, which was in every sense a puppet of the void front, the conditions and context for The emergence of groups with revolutionary thinking and committed to religious and scholastic values ​​enabled the formation of even non-Islamic but freedom-loving currents in the corners of the world.
In the meantime, the country of Afghanistan in the neighborhood of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was under the complete domination of the communists at that time, most of all, influenced by the Islamic Revolution of Iran, launched a revolution against the communist government and the occupying forces of the former Soviet Union. Victory came and expelled the invaders from the country. In the Afghan revolution, in addition to the spontaneous movements of the people, intellectuals and intellectuals, including the holy thought of the Islamic jurisprudence, such as Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin, Martyr Sayed Ali Akbar Misbah Mazari, brought great achievements by forming the organization of devotees of Islam and the formation of the front of armed struggle against the communists, which resulted in The defeat of the former Soviet army was completely armed.
The foundation stone of the intellectual complex that Mr. Misbah laid was later followed by his friends and students, especially Mr. Hojjatul Islam Walsalimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, until in 1991, based on the same line of thought, he established the "Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center" and He started his intellectual and cultural struggles against the false front. Now we are on the threshold of the 31st anniversary of the fruitful and blessed life of this valuable, stately and revolutionary collection.
During these transformative and challenging years, it has gone through many ups and downs, which can be mentioned as an example of the seventh serious incident in 2016 A.H., a suicide attack against the central offices of the Tebyan Center and the Afghan Voice (Ava) news agency in Kabul. In that attack, he lost about 52 of his best cadres, members and journalists. Certainly, the occurrence of this painful incident shows the depth of the influence of anti-arrogance positions and activities and the relentless struggle against ignorance and ignorance, and awareness and awakening of the Muslim youth of the dear country of Afghanistan, by offering about eighty thousand trained young people to the Afghan society and also in the field of politics. This group of values ​​was aimed at exposing the dirty and dangerous plans and policies of the American and Israeli aggressors inside Afghanistan, which the enemy could not bear and started such a brutal act.
In their crude imagination that they might be able to overthrow this center from the line of activity; but they read blindly that the center of Tebyan is more rooted and strong than the enemy can disrupt its coherent activity with such actions.
However, considering the recent developments in Afghanistan and the defeat and humiliation of the global superpower, the criminal America, and its irresponsible departure from the country, almost all the major and minor movements fell apart or the leaders of that country left the country. But the Tebyan center still stood firm and stood by its people and with wider activities and the creation of new representative offices, it gave hope and strengthened the spirit of the people, and on the other hand, contrary to the prevailing atmosphere of public opinion, considering the supreme interests of the Shia community in Afghanistan, with the path of interaction with the new government for valid and logical reasons and is trying to follow the best path that will benefit the people of Afghanistan.
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