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Experts: ISIS is planning to attack foreign embassies under the orders of the US

14 Sep 2022 - 10:25

Following the announcement attributed to the terrorist group Daesh based on the targeting of foreign embassies in Kabul, the informants say that the US is trying to isolate Afghanistan and Daesh is also planning to attack the embassies in this country.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Last week, the ISIS terrorist group issued a statement, calling foreign embassies in Kabul "espionage networks" and threatened that from now on they will target them in their attacks.
This threat took place shortly after the suicide attack in front of the Russian embassy, ​​as a result of which, two Russian embassy employees and several Afghan citizens were killed. ISIS also claimed responsibility for the attack.
Following the recent suicide attack and the new threat of ISIS, the embassies of Russia and Iran have restricted their consular services and asked applicants not to visit the embassy in person.
Political experts say that if foreign forces, especially America, are involved in this threat, America is trying to isolate Afghanistan.
Believe them, the US is trying to take revenge for the military and political defeat in Afghanistan through affiliated terrorist groups.
Sangar Effendi; In a conversation with a journalist, the informed politician pointed out that if America wants to mediate this threat, it will block foreign embassies in Kabul and isolate Afghanistan.
Effendi added that America has failed politically and militarily in Afghanistan and now it is trying to take revenge on the people of Afghanistan by launching terror.
Effendi also pointed out that, on the other hand, US drone patrols in Afghan airspace are violations of international airspace and violations of accepted international laws.
He called ISIS a project of America and added that this country is the mother of all terrorist groups in the world.
Toryali Hamat; Other knowledgeable politicians also stated in a conversation with Awa reporter that after the arrival of the Islamic Emirate, the ISIS group has been defeated in Afghanistan; But America is trying to revive this group.
I believe that ISIS is now being equipped and armed by the US to cover its defeat in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, on the 15th month of July, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives near one of the entrances of the Russian embassy, ​​among the visa applicants of this country. Another 20 Russian diplomats were killed and wounded.
Hours later, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack; But this attack was condemned by many countries and organizations.
After that, the Russian Embassy in Kabul will suspend the issuance of visas and documents and ask the visitors to avoid visiting in person.
Also, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul also announced that although there was no suspension or suspension for issuing visas, the process of issuing visas will continue as usual; However, due to security threats, applicants will be prohibited from visiting the embassy, ​​and the process of applying and granting visas will be done through tourism and pilgrimage companies.
Despite frequent contacts, we were unsuccessful in getting the opinion of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Kabul Police Command; but before this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate had given satisfaction in a statement that serious steps have been taken to ensure the security of the embassies.

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