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About half of the Afghan refugees were forced to leave Japan

15 Sep 2022 - 11:59

A Japanese newspaper has reported that 40% of Afghan refugees in this country have returned to Afghanistan. It has been said that they were forced to leave Japan due to government pressure and the country's lack of support for them.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Japanese newspaper (Mainichi) has reported that 40 percent of Afghans who went to Japan for asylum have returned to Afghanistan.
According to the report of this newspaper, these refugees complained about the lack of support from the Japanese government and claimed that the employees of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had encouraged them to return to Afghanistan.
Last year, the Japanese government transferred 169 local Afghan employees to this country during evacuation from Kabul airport.
These Afghans used to work with the Japanese government in Afghanistan.
Some Afghan refugees told Kyodo news agency that a number of Japanese Foreign Ministry employees came to their homes and pressured them to leave Japan. These employees told them that living and working in Japan is very difficult and it is better to leave this country.
Seven of these asylum seekers told this newspaper that they found a way to go and stay in America and Britain.
According to these asylum seekers, the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan told them that if they return to Afghanistan, the Japanese government will be ready to pay for their return expenses.
Most of these refugees cannot speak Japanese. A Japanese employment agency has told them that they do not have a 1% chance of finding a job in Japan due to their lack of knowledge of the Japanese language.
Meanwhile, Japan's Foreign Ministry has denied that it has encouraged Afghan refugees to return to Afghanistan, But according to this ministry, the Japanese government cannot help Afghan refugees for more than one year.
Japan is one of the countries that has very strict rules for accepting asylum seekers, it was said that this country has accommodated only 98 Afghan refugees evacuated to this country.

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