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The development of military cooperation between China and Russia in the shadow of American pressure

20 Sep 2022 - 9:43

While pressure from Washington on Beijing to distance itself from Moscow continues, during the visit of the top Russian official to China, the two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation, especially in the fields of defense and military issues.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): While Washington's pressure on Beijing to move away from Moscow continues, during the visit of a senior Russian official to China, the two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation, especially in the fields of defense and military issues.

According to media sources, the head of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, met with Yang Jiechi, director of the office of the Central Commission for Foreign Relations of the Chinese ruling party, to follow up on the agreements reached during the meeting between the presidents of this country and China.
Reuters reported that Patrushev, who is one of the close allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, traveled to the Chinese city of Nanping to strengthen the "strategic partnership" between Moscow and Beijing.
The head of the Russian Security Council announced on Monday that Russia and China agreed to deepen cooperation in the field of defense issues, focusing on holding joint exercises.
After the meeting with Yang Jiechi during his trip to China, Nikolai Patrushev said: "The two sides agreed on further military cooperation, focusing on joint exercises and patrols, as well as strengthening contacts between the General Staff (of the armed forces)."
"Since the invasion of Ukraine, Putin has leaned more heavily toward China as the war and heavy Western sanctions have damaged Russia's relations with the United States and European allies," Reuters wrote.
According to this western media, shortly before Russia's war with Ukraine, Putin and Xi Jinping announced the "partnership without any restrictions" between Russia and China. However, in their recent meeting on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Uzbekistan, Putin announced that he understood the concerns and The questions of the Chinese president are about this conflict.
The head of the Russian Security Council announced in a statement about his visit to China: "Creating a strategic partnership with China is an unconditional priority of Russia's foreign policy."
According to his announcement, this senior Russian security official consulted with the high-ranking Chinese official about issues related to the situation of the Korean Peninsula, Taiwan and Ukraine.
Reuters wrote: "A former Soviet spy, Patrushev has known Putin since the 1970s and is a staunch ally of his and is among the few people said to be able to influence the Russian president."
The English news agency added: "The development of partnership between emerging superpower China and Russia, which is a giant in terms of natural resources, has caused some concern in Western capitals."
According to this media, China has participated in a number of war exercises in recent years; These joint military exercises are designed to simulate how countries defend themselves during an attack.
Reuters added: "Moscow has repeatedly supported Beijing on Taiwan and criticized what it sees as US 'provocative' actions." China has avoided condemning Russia's military operation in Ukraine or calling it "aggression".
The publication of this news was done in the circumstances that on Sunday (September 18) "Dmitry Peskov" of the Kremlin Palace commented on the relations between Russia and China.
Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said in a TV interview: "Russia and China do not seek to dominate the whole world when implementing bilateral agreements."
Referring indirectly to some western countries, he said: "We know there are other countries that have this desire."

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