Publish dateTuesday 20 September 2022 - 12:16
Story Code : 258831
Iran: Internal military tension in Afghanistan prevents the formation of a comprehensive government
Speaking about the recent cases in Panjshir, the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that these military and internal conflicts prevent the formation of a comprehensive government in the country.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA): Iran's state news agency has reported on Monday, September 19, that the spokesman of Iran's foreign ministry, Nasser Kanani, made these statements in response to a question regarding the link to the published video attributed to the shooting of prisoners of war by the Islamic Emirate in Panjshir has raised.
The spokesman of Iran's Foreign Ministry has said that this country does not support any military forces in Afghanistan.
Kanani emphasized that his country's relationship with the Islamic Emirate and their opponents is established.
This is despite the fact that after the release of clips in cyberspace about the shooting of Panjshir prisoners by the forces of the Islamic Emirate, the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense announced an investigation in this regard. He emphasized that if this claim is proven, the culprits will be arrested and handed over to the law.
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