Publish dateTuesday 20 September 2022 - 15:19
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3 Projects Put into Exploitation
The Swedish committee opened 3 projects worth 20 million Afs in the Chak district of the province. The Wardak Rural Rehabilitation and Development officials said.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, The Swedish committee regional office Head Khalid-ul-Rahman Rasooli said, that in the series of the development program a Potable water supply network for 180 families in Kanjaghto village, 180m in Guli village, 240m in Madad village, 145m in Lor Khailo village retaining walls, and this retaining walls will protect 300 families and 75 hectare land from the damage of flood; At the same time, animal training kits will be distributed to 150 framers in 10 village, and the total worth of these projects is 20 million Afghanis.
Deputy governor Shaikh Shair Ahmad Haqqni thanked the Swedish committee officials and said, that the Swedish committee accuracy and quality appreciated, and in point to the exploitation of same big projects in very less facilities within a year and it is the responsible of the government to provide better facilities to their nation.
In the exploitation ceremony the officials asked the Swedish committee to implement more project to solve the residents’ problems of the area.
Meanwhile, the Swedish committee allocated 1200m Afs to the province and 250m Afs to the Chak district annual founds from the institution, and from long ago the institution is working in Health, Education, Development, and Potable water supply network in these provinces.
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