Publish dateThursday 29 September 2022 - 15:48
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The return of peace to the streets of Tehran; The families of the dead demanded the trial of the rioters
After the return of complete peace and security to the streets of Tehran and other cities of Iran, a number of families of the victims of the recent unrest in this country, in a statement, called for the trial of all the people who played a role in creating tension and fueling the disturbances in Iran last week.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The families of each of the martyrs: Zare Mobdi in Shiraz, Dost Mohammadi in Mashhad, Javidi in Qochan, Ojaghi in Tabriz and Khaleghi in Takestan on Wednesday night (September 28) in a joint statement respecting the property, life and dignity of every human being. They considered it as one of the basic principles of all divine religions and civilized human societies and added: Attacking these three material and spiritual assets of humans is condemned as a free and fair right of every human being.
It is further stated: In the meantime, a few of the artistic and social figures who have earned their credibility and prestige from the love of these people, without any consideration and investigation and in a hasty way and without paying attention to the consequences of their actions, They encouraged people's minds and provoked public emotions, which increased tensions and conflicts and led to the death of a number of innocent countrymen.
It has been stated in this statement that now and according to the observance and respect and the requirements of the social responsibility of individuals in the statements and actions that caused these injuries and the violation of the right to life of humans, we expect that the actions and role of these individuals will be dealt with and all the individuals who In any way, those who have played a role in the emergence and instigation of tensions and acts of violence against the property and lives of fellow countrymen should be obliged to answer to the legal authorities.
In the recent protests and illegal actions of some people under the pretext of Mehsa Amini's death in Iran, a number of citizens of different regions of this country were killed or injured.
This is while the governor of Tehran said last night regarding the establishment of peace in the city of Tehran: the recent riots are over and Tehran has been living in safety for several nights.
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