Publish dateSunday 2 October 2022 - 14:48
Story Code : 259288
Floods in Kanar
Foods in Kanar province tooke lives of 2 people and injured anothers on Saturday.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, The victims and injured persons were members of the same house, a house that was swept away by the flood.
According to reports, the flood has covered parts of Nari district since late Saturday after heavy rain.
Doklam village is called the main focus of these floods.
Abdul Zaher khak Dost the District Governor of Nari, told BNA that efforts to find the bodies of the other five victims of the family are continuing.
He confirmed that the floods have destroyed dozens of houses and one hundred acres of fields, especially neighboring fields in Nari district, and have caused the loss of hundreds of livestock.
Dozens of families in Nari of Kanar who have lost their homes due to these floods have taken shelter in public facilities or the homes of their relatives and need urgent assistance.
However, the local officials informed about the transfer of humanitarian aid shipments and rescue groups to Nari village.
Meanwhile, some relevant departments, including the Directorate of Public Works of Kanar, have started efforts to clean the flooded roads and fields.
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