Publish dateMonday 3 October 2022 - 10:20
Story Code : 259310
The Ministry of Interior sympathizes with the families of Kaj victims
According to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry, at the head of a delegation, met with the families of the victims of the terrorist attack on the Kaj School and gave them a total of 2.5 million Afghanis.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): This delegation led by Deputy Minister of Interior Zainullah Aber met with the families of the victims yesterday.
This delegation has assured the families of the victims of any kind of cooperation and has helped them with two and a half million Afghanis.
According to the Ministry of Interior, the authorities gave 100,000 Afghanis to each family of the martyrs and 50,000 Afghanis to the wounded.
The Deputy Minister of Interior called this attack a conspiracy and added that the enemies of Afghanistan want to divide the Afghans.
It should be mentioned that 45 people were martyred and 60 others were injured in the attack on Friday (September 3) on the Kaj educational center in the west of Kabul.
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