Publish dateTuesday 4 October 2022 - 16:28
Story Code : 259374
In a new evaluation, the Organization for the Protection of Children has placed the Afghan education system in the list of countries at risk of collapse.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): In the report of the International Organization for the Protection of Children on the educational system of Afghanistan, which was published today (Tuesday, October 4, 2022), it is stated that among the countries evaluated in 2021, Afghanistan has the highest level of risk and This means that its educational system has deteriorated since the Islamic Emirate took control of the country and has endangered the future of children, especially girls.
After Afghanistan, the countries of Sudan, Somalia and Mali were placed, whose educational systems are all at high risk.
The Children's Protection Organization has said that the climate crisis threatens children's right to learn more; because extreme weather events damage or destroy schools. Also, an increasing number of children are likely to be forced to leave their homes and leave their education behind.
According to this organization, countries with high vulnerability are exposed to risks such as climate change or health crises.
While there are some restrictions for the education of girls above the sixth grade, there are no other restrictions for the education of girls and boys in Afghanistan, but the economic and humanitarian crisis has also affected the education of children in the country and some children are forced to They have dropped out of school.
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