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The government should be diligent in ensuring the safety of the people/reciting the Qur
Referring to the recent terrorist incident in the "Kaj" educational center, the general director of the Tebyan Center for Cultural and Socio-Cultural Activities emphasizes that the government should be diligent in ensuring the security of the people and that the people should not rely on the government alone in the matter of providing security.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, General Director of the Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center, said on Friday (September 30) in a ceremony organized by Sayed Hasan Hussaini, one of the senior staff of this center: "Before Everything that happened today and dozens of young people were martyred was shocking and catastrophic and sounded a serious alarm against both the government and the people. I condemn this incident and I offer my condolences to all of you and all the survivors and also the people of Afghanistan for the martyrdom of dozens of young men and women.
Mr. Mazari stated that unfortunately, if the situation continues like this, the occurrence of such incidents will not be the first, nor will it be the last, adding that it is recommended that in the first stage, the government should be diligent in ensuring the safety of the people. Comprehensive measures should be taken so that such incidents and tragedies do not happen again.
Based on Mr. Mazari's statements; The government should take appropriate measures in order to provide real and legal personalities as well as congregations, mosques, mosques, educational centers and any kind of public gathering center.
Mazari continued to point out that in the second stage, people should be serious about ensuring their security and they should not only rely on the government.
He said; Considering the fact that the government of the Islamic Emirate is a fledgling government and at the same time has many domestic and foreign enemies and opponents, it is natural that if the people themselves do not pay attention to security and do not take serious measures, we will definitely have worse incidents than this. Unfortunately, we will face it and the most important thing is the cooperation of people and security institutions.
But he emphasized that the cooperation should be mutual, not only the cooperation of the people with the security institutions, but also that the security institutions should pay attention to the people's capacities and capabilities and take advantage of the people's capacity.
According to Mazari's statements; Unfortunately, during the past decades, especially in the past 20 years, there was no public trust in the government and security institutions, and the people did not cooperate with the government institutions in order to ensure their security; Because the government institutions were completely corrupt and the cooperation of the people and information would have caused controversy.
Mazari stated that due to this lack of trust, this process from the past is unfortunately still continuing and this cooperation between the people and the government has not yet been formed, adding that the people still do not trust the security institutions and relevant government authorities and this is the time for the officials and The officials of the Islamic Emirate come to undertake programs that gain people's trust, bring people closer to them, expand their social bases in the hearts of the masses, and create a close relationship with the people.
The General Director of Tebyan Center pointed out that unfortunately we have never felt the cooperation of the people with the Islamic Emirate and they have not taken any measures to get closer to the people or to bring the people closer to itself.
This political affairs expert warned that if the situation continues in the same way and the bases of people cut off from the emirate continue their social life, the situation will become more critical.
Mazari emphasized that the officials of the Islamic Emirate, especially the security institutions, should improve the relationship between the people and the Emirate. Make the fields of communication between the people and the government strong so that we can enjoy proper security, social and political strength at the level of the government and the nation, and believe that our present and future are reassuring.
The general head of Tebyan Center added that people should be confident about their present and future, feel that they are safe if they live, work, do business and do intellectual and cultural activities in this country. Because the feeling of security is more important than the security itself.
He stated that sometimes there is security in a country, there are not many problems, but there is no feeling of security; He added that today in Afghanistan, in addition to the issue of security, the issue of feeling of security is important, our personalities should feel safe, the currents and legal authorities of the country should feel safe, they should not think every moment that a problem will arise from the Emirate, every moment Don't think that they will be arrested, don't think every moment that someone will cause problems for a person, for a movement, for an organization.
According to Mazari's statements; if there is such a trend in the society, unfortunately, we do not foresee good days for Afghanistan.
The General Director of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center expressed his hope that as time goes by, the Islamic Emirate will gain more experience in community management and leadership, and that our people will also gain better experience and try to trust the government and government officials, and to report the smallest security movements to the nearest security base quickly, so that with such a bilateral cooperation between the government and the people, security is provided in the neighborhoods, in the cities, in the provinces and at the level of the whole country.
In the continuation of his speech, the head of Tebyan Center for Cultural and Social Activities pointed out the benefits of reading the Holy Quran and said: "Of course, the Quran is a book that is very important for us Muslims. Now let's ignore the fact that the Quran has a place in our lives. And if we follow the Qur'an and the verses of the Quran and the instructions of the Quran, we will enjoy the high conditions, but what are the benefits of reading the Quran by oneself for Muslims, what are the benefits for those who read the Quran, now whether reading it face to face and reciting it mentally and in the form of recitation or recitation".
Mazari added that reciting the Quran is the normal reading of the Qur'an that you read the Quran well, but reciting the Qur'an, in addition to reading the Qur'an, will reflect on the verses and concepts of the Holy Quran.
The head of the Tebyan Center pointed out several benefits of reading and by stating that the first reward is for the one who reads the Quran, he added that the Prophet of Islam said, whoever reads the Quran for the pleasure of God and deep knowledge of the religion will have the reward of angels, prophets and messengers. .
increasing the position and rank of Qari in heaven; sharing the Quran with the reader's; purity of heart; illumination of the house; increasing blessings at home; the best worship; forgiveness of sins; Reduction of torment from parents; fertility of faith; the brightness of the eyes; Talk to the Lord; Taking advantage of the guidance of the Quran; Encouraging to acquire the necessary features to benefit from the Qur'an; decision to abandon sins; increase in sustenance; The brightness of Qari's face; Healing and intercessor were among the examples of the benefits of reading the Quran by Mr. Mazari.
Mr. Mazari added that it is the breath of reading the Qur'an that has so many benefits, and blessed are those who are reciters themselves and know how to read the Qur'an and always have a relationship with the Qur'an and also provide a context like today's meeting of Mr. Hosni, which tens People gather in the same environment and place and read the Qur'an together, which is definitely beneficial for those who read the Qur'an and for Mr. Hosni and Mr. Hosni's father, who were the founders of today's meeting. He, especially Sayed Hassan Hussaini, who was his brother and was martyred, and the rest of the living people, like his father, himself, his family, all relatives, and all of this environment and the entire country, will be influential.
Mazari expressed his hope that from now on, we will try to learn the Quran, secondly, we will be able to read the Quran well, and the third is reciting the Quran carefully. Let us read the verses of the Qur'an, if we read the Qur'an with consideration to the verses of the Qur'an, we will definitely become experts for our lives, provided that what we have learned from the verses of the Qur'an, from the laws that the Qur'an proposes, from the life plans that The Holy Qur'an suggests that if we take advantage of the conditions that the Holy Qur'an has brought to us, we will definitely be successful in our lives, and the problems that exist in our lives today or in the past are because of that. We were far from the Quran, we did not take advantage of the commands of the Quran, we did not take advantage of the instructions of the Holy Quran, the total programs that are in the Quran are still neglected, not only at the level of Afghanistan, but at the level of the entire Islamic world.
Mr. Mazari pointed out that if we want comfort, if we want economy, if we want improvement in the field of politics, in the field of culture, in the field of system and security, and if we want to be a powerful and great country in the region and the world, we must Let's find it with the Quran, read the Quran and use the verses and plans that the Holy Quran presents to us on behalf of the Almighty God and by following the infallible imams, we cling to the Quran, cling to the verses of the Quran, cling to Let us follow the Quranic programs so that, God willing, we will live with dignity and greatness in this world.
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