Publish dateThursday 13 October 2022 - 10:44
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Secretary General of Hezbollah in Lebanon:

Muslims should have practical unity and solidarity

Muslims should have practical unity and solidarity
During the conference held by Hezbollah on the occasion of the birth of the Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) (Week of Unity), the Secretary General of this party stated that Muslims should have practical unity and solidarity and Emphasize common points.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): On Tuesday evening (October 11) in a conference held in Lebanon on the occasion of Unity and Brotherhood Week, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah; The Secretary General of Lebanon's Hezbollah pointed out that one should not exaggerate in conflicting positions and said: Yemeni people showed their love for the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) with everything they had. The existence of the Zionist regime leaves no room for happiness for us.
Sayed Hasan Nasrallah pointed out that Imam Khomeini (RA) eliminated the dispute over the birth of the Prophet (PBUH) by naming the Week of Unity.
He pointed out: The Yemeni nation, which is under siege and is facing livelihood, health and security crises, celebrates the Prophet's birthday by the millions, for this reason, they should be commended.
He continued to emphasize: The Prophet was a mercy to the Arabs by turning them away from the worship of idols to the worship of God. The Prophet (PBUH) revived moral and human values. The Prophet (PBUH) was a mercy when he decreed that people's blood and wealth were forbidden. But today there are some western countries that lead people to ignorance.
In another part of his speech, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah addressed the issue of maritime demarcation between Lebanon and occupied Palestine and emphasized: "Destiny hours are ahead of us." The people of Lebanon are waiting for the official position of their president and the Zionist enemy regarding these negotiations.
He added: "When Palestine is freed, we will not have any dispute with it over maritime borders." Our sea extends to Gaza and we told Israel that we are serious about this.
In the end, the Secretary General of Hezbollah noted: We consider oil and gas to be the hope of the Lebanese people to get out of the economic crisis of this country, and we see the Israeli enemy as more afraid of war than the Lebanese, but what is important for the resistance is the extraction of oil and gas from the fields of Lebanon.
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