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Riots in Iran; The IRGC and the Ministry of Information issued a joint statement
Following recent events and riots in the Islamic Republic of Iran with the aim of disrupting the country's security, the Ministry of Information and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps issued a joint statement. In this statement, the root of these events has been attributed to Western spy organizations, which have been implemented in several stages and by groups.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): In the joint explanatory statement of the Ministry of Intelligence and the Intelligence Organization of Iran's Revolutionary Guards regarding the "interventions of the American regime in the recent disturbances in this country" it is stated: ) and the martyrs of the security of the country (Iran) and supplicating prayers in the presence of God Almighty for the elevation of the ranks of those martyrs and patience and the reward of patience for their grieving survivors and the complete and urgent healing of the injured and those affected by the terrorist incident of that sacred shrine, along with a pledge of the existence With those martyrs and with the almighty God, to pursue comprehensive, accurate and all-powerful information until the discovery and punishment of all the perpetrators of this barbaric crime and their supporters, at any time and in any place, brings to the attention of the noble nation of Iran: regarding a dimension About the recent riots, information and explanations were provided earlier in the explanatory statement dated 8 May 2018. Now, with the acquisition of new and reliable information, as well as the removal of security and protection restrictions from another part of the existing information, more explanations have been made available to the public.
Three essential points:
First: In the current statement, the mastery of data and their documentation has been specially emphasized. Therefore, every effort has been made to present the information obtained from different information methods here.
2: Based on the available information, it has been established that the grounding, the Chinese introduction, as well as an important part of the executive operations of the recent riots were carried out by foreign spy services in the form of a package design and through some groups and networks related to them in different ways inside the country. has been made; On the other hand, there is another important fact that in their recent operations, these services have tried to abuse the bases and fields of some existing dissatisfactions in the society and even based their information projects on the misuse of these bases and fields.
Third) accurate and continuous intelligence observations for more than a year, as well as available documents from the recent disturbances and information obtained from the enemy's scenarios for the post-crisis phase, many examples and undeniable references of the all-round role of the American terrorist regime in the design , has the implementation and continuation of the said ghaela. Therefore, the basic focus of the current statement is on the role of the American mafia regime, their allies and their infantry in the recent disturbances in the country, in three stages before, during and after the disturbances in our country.
Part I: Pre-chaos stage
In the recent events, the brutal American regime, by presuming a painful story and before announcing the results of the investigation (the death of the deceased Amini), with a kind of undisguised joy and satisfaction that ripples through all the words and positions of the officials of that regime, is a project in advance. It began to be designed and prepared (and even postponed a few times). It is obvious that the American regime basically has an instrumental and exploitative view of world events. This is while that regime regarding a deliberate, definite, painful, obvious and anti-human rights event such as the heinous murder and gruesome mutilation of Jamal Khashogchi, which by their own admission was a deliberate act by the Al Saud Bedouin regime and happened in the most brutal way possible, He passed by it very easily and quickly. It is also the position of that regime regarding the intentional murder (and not the sudden death) of Mrs. Shirin Abu Aqleh by the bloodthirsty Zionists, which was met with complete indifference by the terrorist-loving American government. Such is the brutal murder of people of color in America by the racist police of that regime, which leads to several crimes every day, and only a few of them, which have been filmed, come to the public's knowledge.
The available information documents show that the CIA spy service (C.I.A.) in cooperation with allied spy services and reactionary proxies, before the start of the riots, in the ways that will be mentioned to launch a nationwide riot in Iran with the aim of committing crimes against the great nation. Iran and the country's territorial integrity, as well as laying the groundwork for intensifying external pressures, had carried out an extensive design. According to the available information, the Central Intelligence Agency of America (C.I.A.) played the main role in this, and in close cooperation with the British foreign intelligence service, the foreign intelligence service of the child-killing Zionist regime (Mossad), and the foreign intelligence service of the Bedouin nobility of Al Saud and several countries had more There is reliable information that the planning and operational implementation of the major part of the riots was carried out by the Mossad service in cooperation with the most powerful terrorist groups. It is worth noting that before the recent incident and since last year, the said coalition had planned other issues and occasions to start riots, which with the grace of Hazrat Ahadit and the efforts of the unknown soldiers of Imam Zaman (A.S.) and the proud intelligence community of the country. were neutralized; Periods such as the anniversary of some events of the past years, the period of the implementation of the large and national plan for the popularization of subsidies in the beginning of this year, and the American project to discover the hijab in the last July 21 and...
But some of the actions of the spying services are superlative for the context The creation of riots was as follows:
1- Establishing the network of "complicit organizations"
The American terrorist government, after despairing of confronting the great nation of Iran in the military arena and cruel and inhumane sanctions, in recent years by using a malicious network of organizations known as accomplices (1) to network and influence the social sectors of capital. has placed America's intelligence and security organizations, under the cover of human rights activities and promotion of democracy, by allocating billions of dollars a year, tried to identify susceptible elements and connect them to aligned and pro-Western networks. This influential network, as the infantry of social changes, is responsible for creating false demands, deviating from people's demands, and inciting public discontent.
In recent years, parts of this network were identified at different levels and guilds and dealt with in cooperation with the country's intelligence community. By hitting the financing chain and identifying the elements of this influential network in the media and other sectors, the central project of the American government in the Trump administration to create massive protests failed. However, in recent months, the enemy tried to provide the ground for disturbances by spending double budget and using various methods.
2- Examples of American efforts to create and create crisis in cultural and social fields:
1/2- Holding the Oslo Human Rights Meeting
This meeting was held in Oslo, Norway from the 3rd to the 5th of June this year with the support of the American government and Zionist institutions. The most important goal of this meeting was to expand the coverage of the so-called support campaigns called "supporting the rights of women and minorities in Iran" and to create convergence between such elements in Iran and Afghanistan. In addition to the issue of women, CIA officials on the sidelines of this meeting with one of the female mercenaries (who was one of the speakers of this meeting) emphasized the need to use any incident, including the Metropol Abadan incident, to form massive protests! And of course, that counter-revolutionary element worked very hard in this field after receiving orders from CIA officials, and for a long time, it was on its agenda to exploit the tragic incident of Abadan Metropol Tower.
2.2- Inducing efficiency crisis
After the unfortunate accident of the Ukrainian plane and also after the Abadan Metropol incident, the American agents emphasized to their media agents to use every challenge and problem to induce a crisis of efficiency and infer the illegitimacy of the system in the domestic and international arena. This message line was repeated many times in the American-British-Saudi media and in the recent riots from the fluent sequence of those speakers.
2/3- making false demands; with the aim of hiding the impact of oppressive sanctions
Americans using their influence network, which were sometimes influential social elements; They tried to attribute the effect of sanctions on people's lives and existing deficiencies to the inefficiency of the Islamic Republic of Iran system by making false demands in the cultural and social fields. The available hidden information shows a parallel design by the official American mafia. On the one hand, imposing the most brutal sanctions against the Iranian nation, and on the other hand, informing the affiliated media to shed crocodile tears for the shortcomings and problems of the people and to attribute every problem and deficiency to the agents of the system, and of course, wherever there is talk of adjust the sanctions, define it only in strengthening the access to American social networks in the virtual space!
2.4- Focusing on the so-called marginalized groups
After the protests of 2018, the Americans focused more on creating dissatisfaction and inciting the "marginalized" sections. American agents designed dozens of projects in this field, the secret documents of which have been discovered, in order to somehow use the capacity of vulnerable groups to confront the Islamic Republic of Iran.
3- Combined warfare and soft subversion training courses
In the explanatory statement dated last October 8, it was mentioned that the Western and Zionist intelligence services held "combined warfare trainer training" courses for a significant number of related and predetermined elements and assigned them the mission to teach others what they had learned. Transfer and act based on them in an organizational manner. Now it is added that the detailed information monitoring of the movements of the partner institutions of the opponent's influence headquarters in the real and virtual space is a sign of serious and continuous planning with the aim of influencing different social layers, especially in the fields related to women. The agents of the American military regime finance their hired infantry with the so-called "development of democracy and freedom" programs under various projects such as (2) POMED and (3) NERD and the like, training in types of urban warfare and techniques They cause social riots, identify and organize thugs and thugs and kill people and their property; And on the other hand, by their agents or oblivious people, anyone who discovers and reveals or even mentions the aforementioned scenario, is immediately attributed to "conspiracy delusion". Unfortunately, some properties are also caught in this trap, knowingly or unknowingly, and join the aforementioned group! It is worth mentioning that the center of command and guidance of the actions of the United States in the field of influence and streamlining, while being located in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country, uses the information and capacity of other government and intelligence agencies to act against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Americans in order to attract the people they want, network them and transfer ideas based on creating change Within the framework of the aforementioned goals, social organizations have held many training courses in third countries and sometimes online. It is important to note that coordination’s related to the presence of elements under training in third countries are often carried out by implementing individuals and organizations through the offices and agencies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the American mafia regime. The valid information available about some other dimensions of these courses is as follows:
1/3- The American Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of the mentioned courses, which uses the full support of the C.I.A. spy service and a large number of institutions, foundations, universities and so-called non-governmental think tanks. Reliable information indicates that the usurping Zionist regime and a number of European countries, including under the guidance of the CIA, are cooperating with this project.
2.3- The contents of the courses are defined in the most compact interpretation within the framework of "combined war and soft subversion" components. Under this strategy, there are headings with justified and often humanitarian names and titles, but in practice they seek the strategies and goals of the American government and intelligence agencies; Such as: networking and campaigning on various issues and from various elements, empowering women, producing human rights excuses against Iran and reporting to designated sources, empowering trade unions under orders, training various aspects of civil disobedience, cultivating young leaders who listen to orders, activism So-called civil, journalism and news making during the crisis, activism in social and civil development, training of online movements, training of communication security in cyberspace, free advocacy training courses to support American project partners, training courses to support the rights of groups sexual deviant, teaching the process of managing the demand process for changing laws, setting up legal clinics with the aim of inducing the inefficiency of the judicial system, defining the classes and roles for civil activists in the framework of color coups and supporting street rioters, promoting citizen journalism needed by America, network Making of famous, aligned and influential social elements.
3.3- So far, the training courses have been held in countries such as Turkey, UAE, Netherlands, Armenia, Georgia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Czech Republic, South Africa, Italy, Seychelles island (in the Indian Ocean), which knowingly or unknowingly The mentioned governments have formed.
As you can see, the courses are often held in countries that do not require a visa for Iranian nationals to travel, and in cases where a visa is required, it is done with the support of American agencies and under the cover of tourist or scientific visas.
4.3- A number of organizations organizing courses under real or fake titles such as Ithad for Iran, Justice for Iran, Irex, Khane Azadi, Small Media, Siamak Porzand Foundation, Impact Iran Coalition, Tawana Tech, Abdul Rahman Broumand Foundation, Defense Center Human rights (led by Shirin Ebadi), Yalda Institute and self-proclaimed Iranian people have been identified and the American elements have been intelligence, military and political. The aforementioned institutions and people each focus on a class, class, and gender.
5.3- The cost of the courses, including round-trip tickets to the target country, the cost of the hotel, food and entertainment programs and gifts are paid by the organizers of the courses. For example, the cost of a several-day training course held in Georgia was paid by the displaced element and member of the reform faction in the 6th parliament, Fatemeh Hakitjo! (To be more precise, he was merely the agent of payment on behalf of the American employer)
3/6- Although these courses are held against the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran more than any country, but according to the available information, as necessary (from the point of view of the American regime) and in cases where they intend to persuade other countries, similar methods are used against them. They use that a number of examples have been brought to their notice in information exchanges with some countries and will be brought to their notice from now on.
7.3- Due to the presence of our information sources in a number of the aforementioned courses, therefore, the educational contents of the mentioned courses and the elements participating in them are available, and according to the necessity, a number of participants were arrested, a number of them were asked to cooperate and Some others are under the supervision of the anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman (A.J.) and their connections with the centers in question are used to maintain the intelligence elite.
3/8- Informational and operational rejection of a number of elements mentioned in the recent and previous riots has been observed and appropriate action has been taken. For example, the publication of the first photo of the deceased Amini on the hospital bed by "N. H" took place, who was among the students of the same courses abroad. Using the cover of a journalist, he was one of the first people who arrived at the hospital, inciting the relatives of the deceased and sending targeted news. It is also the actions of "A. M., who, using the same cover, immediately appeared in Saqqez city, instigated the people around the deceased, directed some scenes and reflected the news and images of funerals, burials and gatherings that took place in that city. This person is also trained in American mafia regime courses in foreign countries; besides, both of them have played the role of primary sources of news for foreign media.
Here, as an example of the function of these institutions and training courses, a reference is made to the explicit statements of the director of the National Support for Democracy Institute, which shows their main and behind-the-scenes function. He says: "What the C.I.A. did secretly and with espionage 25 years ago, today we do it through We do training in institutions and in the context of education!".
4- The role of American and Western think tanks and institutions
During the past months, American-Zionist and Western think tanks and institutions have been theorizing and conceptualizing the role of women in the events facing Iran, and these principles have been discussed in the contents of their products. These think tanks, as the masterminds of the current of distortion, by purposefully magnifying or minimizing the events in the form of recommendations that they provide to the agenda of their employers, add to the volume of illusions of the American officials regarding the nature of the events. As an example, one of the inductions of Middle East thinking (4) (MEI) is mentioned. This think tank stated on March 17, 1400: "In the current situation of Iran, various political currents, from socialists to liberals and from monarchists to republicans, all work together to create a serious alternative to the Islamic Republic, and women play a role they play the main role in this effort."
But often, the mission of these think tanks, passing through the cover of creating discourse and presenting recommendations, enters the fields of street war with one or more intermediaries. An example is the National Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (5) (FDD); An organization affiliated with the Zionist and United States governments, which has extensive connections with the officers of the American Central Intelligence Agency and the services of the usurping regime. This organization is fully informational and has a special focus on the Islamic Republic under the title "Iran Project".
Completely reliable information obtained recently indicates that this organization has been making preparations for it months before the recent riots. From the point of view of the American-Zionist designers of this project, firstly, the movements will not succeed unless they are accompanied by violence. Secondly, we need infantrymen who have no red lines and are ready to do anything. Among the measures that they have notified to the relevant agents are insulting the innocent imams (peace be upon them) and burning the mosque and the Quran, killing security and law enforcement officers, attacking military and law enforcement posts and headquarters, attacking the clergy, etc. But in addition to the FDD organization, dozens of American cover institutions and numerous other projects are working against Islamic Iran under various titles. Such as:
1- The National Support Institute for Democracy and related institutions such as the National Democratic Institute and the International Republic Institute
2- American Center for Workers Solidarity
3- Open Society Foundation
4- Freedom House
5- German Marshall Fund of America
6- Democracy Foundation in Iran
7- International Center for Democracy Transfer
5- Financial communication chains of foreign networks with domestic mercenaries
The transfer and distribution of foreigners' money between domestic agents who are in charge of influence projects takes place in various ways. So far, various methods have been discovered and several agents have been arrested. For example, recently, a network was identified and arrested that was abusing the "clearance method" with Iranian people reluctant to go abroad, such as students and activists in the field of housing construction. In this way, the main agent or his agent in one of the neighboring countries identified the people in need of foreign currency in the destination country, provided the amount they needed along with the cooperation commission and asked them to pay the money after returning to the country. Deposit the designated account (American infantry account).
In another way, the accumulation or profits of some funds invested in platforms such as small workshops, collections related to internal network marketing, misuse of cryptocurrencies, use of unauthorized exchanges, etc., were injected into American projects inside the country. With these methods, the origin and destination of the funds of influence projects were practically hidden and it became difficult to identify them. However, despite the actions of CIA agents to complicate the dimensions of transferring money inside, multi-layer financial-information tracking was carried out on the depositors and receivers of funds related to the projects, and finally the financial and information exchanges of the aforementioned networks were identified and their agents were arrested.
6- Identifying and organizing the network of thugs
In the past years, the intelligence services of the United States and the Zionist regime, through the identification of thugs and thugs reluctant to go abroad in centers of gambling, corruption and prostitution and subsequent contact with them inside the country, made extensive efforts to inject money and facilities, arming them with firearms and other types of equipment, providing training in different ways in order to empower them for subversive operations against important centers and facilities, starting riots and producing violence against ordinary people as well as police and mobilization forces. Unfortunately, the massive presence and criminal actions of thugs and mobs and new phenomena in the recent riots were quite evident and indicated a previous organization. But before the recent chaos, the presence of thugs and mobs in several assassination plans, acts of harassment, sabotage, threats and intimidation had been confirmed, in most cases they were employed by Zionists, Americans or the hypocrite group, and a significant number of them were arrested and sometimes their confessions were broadcast on radio. (Such as the documentaries Wafa and Virtual Lot that were broadcasted on the Islamic Republic of Iran TV).
7- Syndicating and connecting them to each other
One of the main axes of the movements of the enemy's intelligence services for the occurrence of chaos in the country is to try to influence noble classes such as teachers, workers and students through the creation of fake and contaminated groups and creating leaders for the abuse of these classes, which are vigilant, patriotism and sense of responsibility. e.g The slander of these noble classes has caused the neutralization of foreign conspiracies. The intelligence and security officers of the country have investigated many aspects of such movements of the elites and in some cases they have attacked the direct participation of foreign nationals and those related to the intelligence services of European countries in this regard and have brought the result to the attention of the noble people of Iran (including the documentary "Dastan" A mission" related to the criminal actions of two French agents, which was recently broadcast on the Islamic Republic of Iran.
8- Intensification and combination of Trump's maximum pressure policy by Biden
Despite the claim of a change in strategy compared to the previous government, the current American government has actually continued the path of maximum pressure by Trump and due to the failure of that policy, according to the American officials themselves, it has added new areas; Including by maintaining the policy of maximum sanctions pressure, the sphere of influence within the country has been aimed at polarization and trying to destroy the strong social fabric of the Iranian people. In this regard, the US government, which has a history of shameful military coups in Iran, has increased the resources of programs that are wrapped in the envelope of glamorous titles such as the development of democracy and countering terrorism, and requests to upgrade them for the fiscal year 2023 on the issue of Iran. This program is basically aimed at destabilizing the security environment inside the country, developing hatred and violence and creating psychological insecurity in Iranian society. In this regard, in addition to the structural and financial development of the special department in NCS unit (6) in the US Central Intelligence Agency, the budget and human resources of quasi-civilian areas in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Iran, such as the Intelligence and Research Office, the International Security Office, It has increased the fight against terrorism and the Office of Near East Affairs, which actually provided the financial resources of the mentioned middle layer, which will be mentioned in the following.
 9- Supporting terrorist groups and trying to unite them!
The terrorist government of the United States has had and continues to have a scandalous history of supporting the most bloodthirsty terrorist groups in its various periods and governments. One of them is the surprising behavioral contrast from the stage of putting the names of Albanian civilians on the terrorist blacklist to the removal of the names of hypocrite criminals from that list, material and spiritual support for them, to the presence of high-ranking members of the mafia regime in the demonstration meetings of the hypocrites! Including the presence of people such as John Bolton, Pompeo and Mike Pence (former national security advisor of the regime, head of the CIA and former foreign minister and former first vice president of the American regime) and a large number of congressmen and American senators at the headquarters of the terrorist group of the hypocrites in the years the past. For this year, the former president and the murderer of the great leader of the Islamic world, Hajj Qassem Solaimani, was invited to attend the hyenas of that group. A serious threat to the life of that murderer, his (Trump's) presence in that ceremony was canceled and basically the ceremony they wanted was canceled!
This is the origin of the Americans' contact with the Piseh crime group and the person of Abdulmalek Rigi Moa doom in the past, until these days' connections with various terrorist groups that use the names of noble Iranian tribes, Kurds, Turks, Arabs, and Baloch, but all of those groups, The enemies of those dear, zealous relatives are separatists who follow the mission of America and its successors.
 The second part: the stage during the riots
In the first part, a part of the preparations of the Great Satan's coalition was briefly mentioned for the previous preparation and sparking the riots. In this section, we only mention another part of the evils of that coalition, and of course, to the extent that security considerations allow. Perhaps, in the future, by reducing the mentioned restrictions, an expanded description of the opponent's plans will be made:
1- Special budget for cyberspace in times of chaos
According to completely reliable information, in addition to the annual budget allocated for the former organizations, the CIA has recently, after the start of the riots in Iran, allocated an aid budget equal to another 53 million dollars to those organizations, leaving the administrative-financial formalities in two stages. And he has recommended that this budget be primarily spent on so-called media matters and strengthening internet tools in order to maintain communication with rioters!
2- America's actions against the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fields of technology and media
In the past months, the implementation of extensive operations against the psychological security of the Iranian people in the form of extensive political and social campaigns was one of the efforts of the American intelligence service to put pressure on the Iranian people. The launch of information and cognitive warfare by intelligence and military institutions such as CIA, Cybercom and Centcom has created a commotion in America itself today. As the disclosure of a small part of America's extensive cyber deception operations against the public opinion of the Iranian nation, it provoked the reactions of the American authorities and even after that, some American media tried to leak the scandal caused to the American government from the level and scope of the operations to reduce the disgraceful things done, of course, they know that further addressing this issue and exposing its greater dimensions and finally admitting the failures imposed will greatly increase the costs of these services.
Tracking, identifying, hitting and exposing several hundreds of thousands of fake Persian-language user accounts, which by resorting to fake news and exaggerating problems and downplaying achievements, clumsily produced millions of messages and misleading content to deceive Persian-speaking audiences. The operational ability of those involved in these projects proved to his American employers. The hidden goal of these campaigns was to promote hatred in the Iranian society and to create polarizing violent behavior. In addition, the financing and networking of anti-revolutionary hired activists to carry out cognitive warfare against the Iranian people through what they called the "Global Engagement Center" (7) (GEC) are examples of other affected activities of the United States in this field, which are under Aristocracy is placed. Americans in the field of technology and media activities, considering the increase in the effectiveness of social networks and their news authority, have launched a great combined war and influence operation against the oppressed people of Iran in the cyber space, which are briefly mentioned below:
1/2- Twitter
By the order of the American regime, Twitter paved the battlefield and media war against the Islamic Republic of Iran by ignoring all international laws and technical and legal instructions of Twitter, in favor of Iran's enemies, so that foreign mercenary and counter-revolutionary infantry led the intelligence services, and with Creating thousands of fake users (robots) and publishing targeted news and lies to deceive public opinion in Iran and the world. According to Twitter monitoring, only between 20 September 1401 and 20 October 1401, more than fifty thousand new Persian users with fake identities were created on Twitter to work against the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is despite the fact that before that, a maximum of four thousand Persian language users were created on Twitter per month. Also, by at least tenfold the capacity of publishing messages per user per hour and canceling many other restrictions, Twitter exerted its utmost effort to help magnify and highlight fake news and intensify the hybrid war against the Persian-speaking community around the world.
The frequency of these actions caused some American political factions to feel threatened by this issue and protest Twitter's violations of the law in numerous reports such as the CNN report titled "Coordinated Manipulation Campaign"!
2/2- Instagram
On another note, Meta, the owner of Instagram and WhatsApp, similarly to Twitter, violated all international and official laws during the Iranian riots, and with actions such as deliberately manipulating artificial intelligence algorithms, caused fake news, hate speech and Violent actions with a very high intensity for the Iranian society to be published in a targeted manner. Also, this company, like Twitter, by the order of the US intelligence service, by supporting the pages spreading lies of foreign counter-revolution and Saudi mercenaries, and by showing a large number of news and information to the audience of these pages, such as the official page of the custom-made non-media called Iran International. He tried to create a calculation error in the mind of the Iranian audience. By arousing the emotions of the Iranian society, especially the youth, Instagram tried to create frustration, increase the level of violence and create a social divide in different layers of society, and by implementing cyber influence operations on public opinion, Iranian users of this space were subjected to cognitive attacks. One of the most famous tactics of this cognitive war is called "hiring media people". In this method, the enemy rents some famous user accounts on Instagram and other American social networks related to famous figures (celebrities) who have millions of followers for a period of time, and by publishing fake or targeted information, the identity of those figures for credibility. The audience abuses. According to reliable information, some media people living in Germany and the UAE rented their user accounts to known agents of the American Intelligence Service!
The sensible Iranian society has not forgotten the censorship of Hajj Qassem Soleimani's images on these American social networks, and there is a question as to which information organization gave these companies the notification regarding censorship, limitation and implementation, and what do they do? Are there convincing reasons for this dual behavior and all-round support for the rioters for the public opinion of the Iranian society?
 2/3- Starlink
Although the freedom of access to the Internet is one of the false slogans of the liberal democracy of the West and they claim that the free Internet should be available to everyone, but many Internet services and useful software for the world community and the people of Iran have been blocked by the American government. These false claimants of freedom are trying to expand America's internet dictatorship by providing Internet outside the sovereignty of countries like Starlink, which according to international laws must be provided with the supervision and consent of the host country. A clear example of this behavioral conflict, in addition to the above-mentioned cases, is the action of the American government to block and limit the provision of non-American communication tools and technologies in the United States.
The agents of the American mafia government, in an interventionist action, ordered Starlink to provide illegal internet for rioters to access without complying with international rules and regulations and without obtaining the necessary permits in Iran. At the same time, the enemy's intelligence services also activated their various capacities to smuggle illegal equipment of this network into the country.
2/4- Cyber ​​attacks
Cyber-attacks of the American mafia regime and its supporters and wage earners is a broad category that needs a separate discussion. But just as an example, we can point to dozens of hacker groups whose dependence on the United States is clear. The normal process of the country is to enter that with T The adopted secretary, in many attacks, their mischief was prevented. Attacking the systems that provide public and public services is their specific and defined goal; As in the attack on the fuel system of the country last year, the attack on the systems of the Tehran municipality and the attack on the school service systems, they showed that causing disturbance to the people was their main goal. During the riots, there were dozens of hacker attacks on public service organizations, which were thwarted by the measures of the relevant authorities.
The actions of the American regime in the field of technology and media are not limited to these four axes, and the evils and disturbances of that regime are a broad category that will be addressed at the right time.
3- The presence of the CIA team at the headquarters of anti-revolutionary groups
On 29/06/1401, a team from the CIA under the cover of the US State Department met and talked with the leader of the separatist group called "Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran" in the city of Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, with Mustafa Hijri. While appreciating the merger of the two factions of the group, the team of the US spy agency wants them to play a greater role in the disturbances that occurred in some cities of Iranian Kurdistan. In this meeting, Taher Mahmoudi, Kamal Karimi, Mohammad Nazif Qadri and Mohammad Saleh Qadri accompanied the group leader. It is worth mentioning that in the past, the CIA had called Mustafa Hejri and Abdullah Mehtadi (the leader of the Kumle group) to America and informed them that they should merge with each other, and that the financial and weapons aid of the American mafia regime to both groups would be cut off. In the implementation of that order and as a first step, the two factions of the disbanded party known as the Democratic Kurdistan of Iran merged with each other last summer and were preparing the ground for merging with the Komleh group, which was exposed by the scandalous revelation of the Ministry of Information about Komleh's affiliation with They were faced with the child-killing Zionist regime (the announcement of the 5th of Asad Solar Year, of Public Relations of the Ministry of Information and the documentary "Major Operations" that was recently broadcast on the Islamic Republic of Iran Radio and Television) and therefore had to postpone the mandatory plan to merge the two traitorous and alien-affiliated groups.
4- The visit of the American team to the headquarters of the so-called Pak group
On 7/15/1401, a delegation of the American Intelligence Organization secretly met with the leader of the Pak group Behnam Hussain Yazdanpanah at the Diwan Hotel in Erbil and investigated the latest situation of the group after its headquarters were bombarded by the brave men of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. They promised him more help and hope to restore the situation of the group as soon as possible and return it to the stage of fighting against the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Then the C.I.A. team, along with Hussain Yazdanpanah and his wife (Hamenu), visited the wounded of the above-mentioned rocket launchers in a hospital in Erbil to give morale to the disintegrated group. Also, the military experts along with the American delegation visited the place where the missiles of the fighters of Islam were hit in various counter-revolution headquarters to evaluate the power and accuracy of destroying the missiles of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
5- Customized satellite networks
The media and propaganda war, which has long been one of the most important tools of global arrogance for colonization and looting and psychological warfare and distorting the realities of the world in favor of the looters and against the oppressed nations, since the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and with the joining of the survivors of the deposed Pahlavi regime and the deserters of the group Left and right terrorists, hypocrites, deviant sects and other fugitives with a history found a different face and character in the Zionist dominated media stream. While providing the most up-to-date facilities and media technology (of course at the expense of Saudi milk cows and the like) and exerting the command of the media unit on them, the current of Dominion engaged in imperious line and colonial exploitation of these non-media.
Although the Islamic Republic of Iran, throughout its proud history, and especially during the occurrence of some events in the past years, has always faced the false claims of these media and has been familiar with their methods; But surely, during the recent disturbances, "the biggest influence operation" and in other words "global media war" was designed and implemented against the proud nation of Iran. In addition to subjecting every natural and artificial phenomenon and popularizing it in accordance with Persian-language paid networks, surfing on dissatisfaction and creating customized dissatisfactions by falsifying and narrating false events, turning dissatisfaction into social protests, transforming social protests into political ones, Changing their direction to structural protests, and finally turning them all into disturbances and riots and street wars, etc., this is the same instruction that the mentioned networks followed in the recent disturbances. On the other hand, a network like the BBC, which has a long history and should be sensitive about its professional affairs, with a wide rotation and a complete change of its normal and daily programs and bypassing other important world news, is practically like "staging the operations of street rioters" " Became. There is also the scandal of its counterpart network, Saudi International, which, in addition to the aforementioned issue, officially turned to the separatist line of a powerful and unified Iran and, in the end, openly supported separatism and separatists.
Such a turn in the mercenary networks and such a high reputational cost cannot be simply due to a wrong assessment of the situation by those networks, but it is definitely based on "a new strategy, a big plan and an information-operational package" that is at the top levels of the regime. American and British standards have been adopted and communicated to these custom servants.
In recent events, S Narratives of "killing" and repeated literature of forced confession and systematic violence, as well as changing the place of the executioner and martyr and dozens of other well-known tricks, with the same method but with a volume hundreds of times greater than the past events, not only the dishonorable trumpets British, American and milking cows blew them away, but also broke all professional and international standards and a vulgar history was added to their black records; that the legal prosecution of them and the fugitive infantry of the mentioned non-media is on the agenda.
The third part: post-chaos stage
In the past month and a half, the American enemy and its evil allies and mercenary infantry and their custom media, certainly entered the field of full-scale combined warfare and the biggest influence operations with the holy system of the Islamic Republic with all their strength. For the proud intelligence community of the country, which followed the movements of the Great Satan's coalition day and night, there is no doubt that the opponent will enter the battle scene with the resistant nation with all the capabilities of its forces and allies, using all soft and combined war scenarios and influencing operations. And proud of Islamic Iran. We acknowledge that the enemy created disturbance, caused damage, killed a number of young people of this border and country, but we say with full confidence that he could not achieve any of his predetermined main goals. This is our well-founded and definite assessment, which, due to the irony of the times, the American enemy and the evil British also acknowledge it, but they do not have the courage to admit it openly. The intelligence community of the country, with the grace of God and the favors of the Ahl al-Bayt of Infallibility and Purity (a.s.), has gained access to the internal assessment of the American and British spy agencies, which explicitly includes those confessions, both regarding the failure of the scenarios of the assembly of demons and the acknowledgment of the deep-rooted Being the tree of Islamic Iran" and accepting the undeniable authority of "Iran is strong". Today, intelligence and security resources do not allow us to disclose the exact evaluations of the Domination camp. But maybe in the future, the current restrictions will be resolved and the possibility of comparing those reports will be provided; In that case, the drum of scandal of the American, English and Zionist enemies will fall from the sky to the ground.
In addition to the past and current hostilities, the American regime is trying to apply the combined maximum pressure policy against the noble nation of Iran in the coming year, and has considered several budgets based on its illusions for this purpose. The US Department of Treasury, together with various departments in the intelligence community and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that regime, has used unprecedented human and financial capacity to put pressure on Islamic Iran in the form of sanctions packages. In addition to the policy of maximum pressure, dozens of projects have been considered in order to destabilize Iran's internal environment in the various formats mentioned, and only 55 million dollars have been allocated for one of the projects designed in this direction. The American World Media Agency, which is one of the most failed parts of the American influence policy under the guise of public diplomacy and has a budget of 840 million dollars, has allocated an amount of 131.3 million dollars only for media confrontation and psychological operations against the Iranian people. These projects are not only aimed at psychological operations against the people inside the country; One of the future plans of the American regime is to destroy the image of the Iranian nation among friendly and neighboring nations and as a result to weaken the stabilization policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region and to transfer the country's peripheral insecurities to the interior. 353 million dollars have been allocated for the office of the trustee of these affairs.
It is interesting to note that the Office of Research and Intelligence of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs has allocated 87 million dollars of funds and 394 experts to deal with the influence of foreign powers inside the US. This office, which is considered to be a member of the American intelligence community, misunderstands the prevailing situation in the polarized American society and systematic discrimination in it, and searches for the root of these problems in the influence of others in its domestic political environment, and for the issue of Iran budget and project independently defined. In addition to these cases, the criminal government of America, which has been the only user of nuclear weapons of mass destruction throughout history, and now also supports the Zionist regime (the holder of nuclear weapons without the supervision of any international organization), in order to so-called confront and destroy the nuclear capacity. The amount of 295 million dollars has been considered for peaceful Iran and pressure on some other countries.
These cases are only a part of the budgets and facilities that the American terrorist regime has established to violate the rights of the great nation of Iran under various titles and has allocated various other capacities in hidden and informal formats, the main purpose of which is to covertly support the elements that produce insecurity and Chaos inside the country and keeping Korsoi alive is the fire of riots.
According to reliable information, after the downward trend of finding a disturbance project, the channels leading to the Satanic Coalition have informed their infantry to maintain their readiness and have emphasized the following axes as the main lines of actions:
1- Strengthening destructive influence tools through cyberspace in any possible way and by any means. (American social networks as a strategic weapon).
2- In addition to the American and British authorities, communicate with the statesmen of other European countries and try to involve them in this project.
3- Maintaining the destructive tone of Persian-language media, mainly London-Saudi, against the holy system of the Iran.
4- Inciting strikes in various industries, especially in the oil and gas industries, with the aim of cutting off oil revenues and paralyzing the transportation of the country.
5- Inciting shop strikes and closing the country's markets with the aim of putting pressure on the people and increasing dissatisfaction, and finally linking different strikes to each other.
6- Special emphasis on killing by attributing every murder and incident to the security and law enforcement forces, or targeting rioters in the scene by hired terrorists and assigning them to the military forces or using other methods.
7- Every natural and artificial event should turn into a riot and every civil protest should turn into a bloody riot.
8- Closing schools and universities.
The despotic regime of America has neither a brilliant background that, according to its history, has the authority to interfere in the world arena, nor a future that, in the hope of it, is in the thought of global governance in the future. Regarding America's past, the foundation of the mafia of that regime was formed on the usurpation of native land and the murder and destruction of the plowing and generation of the owners of that property, and after that with the kidnapping and captivity of African blacks and the exploitation of their lives and the biggest, deepest and most unprecedented discrimination. A race throughout history and the breadth of geography, the gathering of the world's toughest and most professional people in that geography, the formation of the largest government consisting of the world's wandering bandits, the only user of nuclear weapons in the world, the cause of numerous and bloody coups in the Gulf region, the direct and indirect cause of the bloodiest Wars on the ground, the obvious founders of official and state terrorism in the international arena, according to the testimony of the great leader of the Islamic world, Hajj Qassem Solaimani, the largest manufacturer and broker of weapons of mass destruction, the creator of the most criminal cannibalistic terrorists such as ISIS and its similar takfiri groups, the oldest supporter and The world's most treacherous terrorists of the Albanian terrorist type with at least 12,000 victims, supporter of the bloodiest and most primitive regimes on earth, such as the Al Saud regime, the world's biggest and most outspoken colonizer. which in the present day openly and loudly calls the lowly colonial government a "milking cow", a symbol of updated barbarity and modern ignorance, and finally the United States regime as the extract of all the demonic filth that is rightly and accurately Imam Khomeini (RA), the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, described wisdom as "the great devil"; Now this group of all ugliness is expressing concern for the proud nation of Iran, at the same time, the only wish it has for this nation is to use American social networks and that's it!
And as for the future, the leaders of the American regime know very well that "that Cebu broke and that cup was spilled". They are aware that a new order is being formed years ago, and the leadership of that regime in this system is only possible in the realm of illusion and imagination, in the same atmosphere where recently they and their infantry have repeatedly destroyed the Islamic Republic of Iran. They shot it down; in cyberspace! Just as their predecessors moved Iran's government 86 times in the last 43 years and at intervals of six months! The Islamic Republic of Iran is the same stout tree that the Wise Leader of the Islamic Revolution recently described. A tree that the events of the times not only did not sting, but every event made its roots deeper, its trunk stronger and its shadow wider and created "strong Iran" which, by God's permission, is getting stronger day by day.
The recent events of the country also showed God's blessings to this land and water above all; "Iran's Destruction Project" was a disgraceful failure. The same project that was previously implemented in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya, but it failed badly in strong Iran. It is natural that they will take revenge on the proud and resistant nation of Iran, and it is obvious that they will immediately bring in the ISIS supporters and separatist terrorists; But with the favors of the main owner of this country and nation, Hazrat Waliasr (a.j.), all the conspiracies will return to them. Also, it showed once again the disturbances of growth, understanding, understanding and insight of a cultured nation, which should be appreciated by this great nation, and the unknown soldiers of Imam Zaman (a.j.) in their turn bow before this nation. The ingenious leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief once again brought him before the eyes of friends and enemies. The internal cohesion of the country's intelligence community and their companionship, empathy and cooperation for the future became closer and closer.
But regarding the satan's gangs and infantry and rioters, the intention is to continue to identify and pursue them until the last person, and this process is going on now, and of course, there is also a way for deceived and unscrupulous people to introduce themselves and include them.
And finally, regarding the main enemies, their crimes in the recent events will not be forgotten or forgiven, and this is a promise of the Holy Qur'an: "We are the criminals, the avengers" (9).
Peace and blessings be upon Ali
The Ministry of Information and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps"
Friday 06/08/1401
1) Partners
2) Project on Middle East Democracy: This project was established in 2005 with the aim of interfering in the internal affairs of countries in the West Asian region for the benefit of the American regime in the form of the so-called realization of democracy in the Middle East. The current head of the CIA in relation to this institution has specified a very important role in the focus of this serves the Middle East. This project is one of the outsourced projects of the American Central Intelligence Service, which is in charge of soft operations against Iran.
3) Near east regional democracy - (Program) Near East regional democracy: The main focus of this program is to strengthen the opposition currents and quasi-civilian institutionalization in the Middle East region and especially for the illusion of overthrowing the Islamic Republic. NERD activities are carried out under the cover of the Near Eastern Affairs Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but its employers are intelligence services. Focusing on human rights issues, access to American social networks, documenting cases of human rights violations in the Middle East and training spies-journalists active in this field are among the goals of this program.
4) Middle East Institute
5) The Foundation for Defense of Democracies
6) National Clandestine Service
7) Global Engagement Center: The declared mission of this center is to fight against propaganda and misleading and influence operations of foreign countries in America, but its main mission towards Iran is to facilitate malicious cyber operations and create the possibility for illegal internet activities and facilitating the communication of separatists, illegal groups, and rioting elements with each other, so as to enable the communication of the aforementioned destructive elements during disturbances.
8) Distributed Denial of Service
9) Surah Mubaraka Sajdah, verse 22
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