Publish dateMonday 21 November 2022 - 13:55
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Iran demanded the establishment of a security committee between neighboring countries and the region with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
The special representative of the President of Iran in Afghanistan affairs, by presenting a new proposal to help the Islamic Emirate to deal with security threats and regional concerns, called for the creation of a security committee and exchange of information with the authorities of the Islamic Emirate from neighboring countries and the region.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Hasan Kazemi Qomi, who gave an interview to Sputnik news agency after the "Moscow Format" meeting about Afghanistan's issues, said: "Countries in the region and neighboring Afghanistan should work within the framework of a coordinating committee or a security committee."
At the same time, he emphasized that this proposal is not because Afghanistan's neighboring countries should resort to methods such as military campaigns to fight terrorism, but that Kabul can be helped through the training of troops, exchange of information and supply of equipment. In other words, neighboring countries should cooperate with Kabul in this field.
The special representative of the President of Iran in Afghanistan affairs emphasized that the responsibility of maintaining the security of the people and the borders with the neighboring countries rests with the leadership of Afghanistan and said: this is the way to help. Help should be collective and group.
According to him, security issues in the light of the terrorist threat is a serious issue, because terrorism knows no borders, while the lack of security and instability in Afghanistan affects the neighboring countries and the entire region.
At the same time, this distinguished Iranian diplomat emphasized that the situation and stability of Afghanistan is directly related to the establishment of an inclusive and popular government.
He said: The Moscow format meeting on Afghanistan issues is aimed at finding ways to improve Afghanistan's situation and help it without interfering in the country's affairs.
According to Kazemi Qomi, the last meeting of the "Moscow format" was held with the aim of finding ways to help Kabul, as well as ways to improve the security situation in Afghanistan, especially the fight against terrorism and the formation of an inclusive government.
He said: "Looking for ways to help Afghanistan within the framework of this regional initiative does not mean interfering in the internal affairs of this country. I think that the Moscow format can help improve the situation in Afghanistan."
This is for the first time that countries in the region and Afghanistan's neighbors present a new security solution and proposal to support the current government of Afghanistan in dealing with terrorist threats that arouse the concern of these countries. The presentation of this plan by the Islamic Republic of Iran is of great importance and can eliminate the grounds for US intervention and influence in Afghanistan again, and for this reason, it should be welcomed and implemented by other countries. However, it should be said that the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly assured the neighboring countries and the region that there is no threat from Afghanistan against these countries and that the government is in control of the country's situation, especially in the security aspect.
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