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The existential philosophy of the parties is to provide service to the people; Tebyan Center has been serving the people since its establishment
The head of the center of cultural and social activities of Tebyan says that since its establishment, this institution has provided many services for the people in the fields of culture, education, media and management staff inside and outside and has trained more than 80,000 people at different levels.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: On Friday (November 27, 2022), Tebyan Cultural and Social Activities center held a think-tank meeting with a group of members of this center in Kabul under the title "The role of organizational activities in Islamic harmony, national unity and national authority".
Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, the general director of the Tebyan Center, said in this meeting that although the Tebyan Center has not been able to do anything for the people in the economic field so far; But in other fields has done many services for the people.
Mr. Mazari stated in this meeting that from now on, according to the plan, we will have provincial and national meetings with the presence of the officials and cadres of the organizations in order to fill the organizational weaknesses that exists inside the country at the level of our people with continuous efforts and activities and fulfill our religious, Islamic and humanitarian duties towards the people of Afghanistan.
Mr. Mazari stated that the philosophy of establishing parties and movements is to serve the people, and added that if an organization cannot provide intellectual, cultural, social, economic and other services to the people, then the movement and the organization will be a store and a company will be in line with daily work for a person or a number of people who gather around it.
Mazari pointed out that, unfortunately, there was such a trend in the past, and that is why today in Afghanistan, nothing is seen from the services of parties and organizations, neither in the spiritual and intellectual field, nor in the social and cultural field, nor in the economic field.
Based on Mazari's statements; No movement has been able to create for the people a university, hospital, economic enterprise and production workshops for job creation and entrepreneurship at the level of the people, and it is true that due to the circumstances, most of the parties have left the stage and the leaders and the officials of that country left the country, but the traces of the cultural, economic and organizational parties should have been present and existed among the people, which unfortunately do not exist.
Pointing to the fact that when a political movement and party cannot provide services to the people, it cannot be said that it is a party or organization, he added: "Check the performance of organizations and parties abroad to see what great services the parties and organizations provide to the people and the country itself has done lasting things.
He pointed out that now the past experiences tell us that we should not follow the footsteps of organizations and movements that do not provide any services for the people, even to the extent of training managerial, resourceful, and thoughtful personnel who can work sincerely and honestly to manage our society today.
Mazari further added that although the Tebyan center has not yet been able to do anything special in the field of economy; but in the field of culture, education, media and in the field of training of the management staff, both inside and outside, it has done a lot of work since its establishment.
Based on the statements of the General Director of Tebyan Center; One of the activities of Tabyan Center is that it has trained more than 80,000 people in different stages of short, medium and long terms, and today they are working in Afghanistan at the level of the people, at the level of the media, in organizations and government institutions and are still active abroad in international institutions and media.
This political expert, however, emphasizing that this is not enough and we are not interested in being satisfied with this amount and saying that our work and duty is not over, said that today the Afghan society needs very extensive, deep and inclusive works and providing these services. It needs a manager's staff and one of the tasks of the organization is the training of staff and managers.
In the continuation of his speech, Mazari stressed on the continuous communication between the members of the Tabyan center and the organization and said that the members should spend time and be in regular contact and get news and even if the officials of the organization in each province are weak, the members should bring them to work and Bring them to the stage.
The general head of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center said that all members are obliged to work according to organizational duties and a member inherently has serious duties for organizational work, which is the main work of organizational members in two areas (advertisement and identification of forces).
Mazari stated that every member should publicize the goals and plans of the organization and formations in every meeting and act in the direction of enlightening and guiding the society and public opinion. Also, each member has the duty to identify effective forces and introduce them to the organization so that work can be done in order to attract and organize these forces.
The head of the Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) stated that these two tasks should be done in two areas, adding that all friends should be present in the virtual space and in the real space as well, from the smallest opportunity both in terms of advertising and they should be used to identify forces and recruit forces.
At the same time, Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin Yar Mohammad Rahmati, head of the central office of the Tebyan Center for Cultural and Social Activities, said in this meeting that the organization of the Tebyan Center is the purest and most holy organization among the groups inside Afghanistan, because there are ethnic, racial and regional biases in this organization.
Based on Mr. Rahmati's statements; members The organization of the Tebyan center has been selected based on merit, piety and good qualities, and the Tebyan center has now become a common house for sharing the talents and creativity of the members.
He pointed out that now a huge capacity has been created by the Tebyan Center and its leadership, which everyone can use to the extent of their own capacity for the development of themselves and the society.
Soraya Hussaini, a member of Tabyan Center, also said in this meeting that an organization finds its place in the society when the leadership of the organization understands the conditions and manages the organization in the right way.
Stating that coordination between people is a principle in all organizations in the world, he added that the lack of coordination between the people of the organization and the leadership causes the collapse of the organization.
Mrs. Hussaini pointed out that if the organizations want to have a place among the people, they should understand the problems of the people and try to solve them.
She added that the leadership of the organization should give their subordinates the authority to identify the talents of the people in order to identify the talent of the organization's people and use them properly to advance the organization's work.
She emphasized that organizations can be effective in a society when it adapts to the world's conditions because the world is changing and progressing every day, otherwise they will face many problems.
Basira Hussaini, another member of the Tabyan Center, also said in this meeting that Muslims, following Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), should prioritize organizational work in their lives so that they can reach their goals and objectives.
She thanked the leadership of Tabyan and added: The leadership of Tabyan Center has created a suitable platform for the development of women, so that girls can use the created platform to improve their capacity.
Mrs. Hussaini added that organizations succeed in their work when the leadership of the organization prevents individuals from acting alone within the organization and decisions are made based on consultation.
Expressing that the great progress made in the world today was based on organizational work, she added that unfortunately, organizational work is not given importance in Afghanistan, hence our people are backward.
Hojjat al-Salam wal-Muslimin Muharram Ali Fahimi also said in this meeting: the leadership of an organization should prioritize people's talents and use them to advance the organization's work.
Fahimi pointed out that the leadership of the organization should provide the basis for improving the capacity of the employees in order to better advance the tasks of the organization so that the employees of their organization can coordinate with the global conditions.
With the tool that employee satisfaction is a principle in global organizations, he added: the organization's leadership must pay serious attention to its employees and make employee satisfaction a priority in its organizational work.
Fahimi emphasized that the satisfaction of the organization's employees is not a financial issue, but the organization's leadership should focus on the spiritual part and improving the capacity of its employees.
Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin Sajjadi also said in this meeting: "One of the most important things that Allah (SWT) repeatedly mentioned and realized for the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in social, cultural, management programs and successful programs is the use of divine blessings and one of the biggest Allah's (SWT) blessings are gathering people and creating a great organization.
He added that the members of the Tabyan Center should work decisively and make the most of the time and opportunity and not wait for what will happen.
Sayed Hussain Waez Zada Parsa, the head of the Arabic section of the Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) website, also said in this meeting that in Afghanistan, failure has always been due to ruptures and we have never had a lasting cultural activity of a century but one of the honors of the Tebyan Center is its continuous and sustainable activity in view of the challenges that have come its way.
Based on his statements; A lot of work has been done in the organization of the Tabyan Center and its stances are causing global reactions.
He asked the staff of Tabyan Center to categorize all activities and prepare them in video and audio format.
Another member of the Tabyan Center, Roqia Hussaini, also said in this meeting that one of the problems of the Islamic society is that they do not care about organizational work, so the leaders of Islamic organizations should try to unite people.
He added that when the organizations reach their goal of uniting the people and providing the people with the necessary knowledge about organizational work, otherwise the organizations will not achieve the desired result.
Mrs. Hussaini emphasized that the organization will achieve the desired result when the society is united and with one voice and they all stand together against the problems.
In this meeting, Shahla Sadat, the head of the women's section of the central office of the Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center, also called organizational work a social necessity and added that organizational work, apart from the fact that it causes human growth, also has a great role in social changes and developments from the perspective of the Qur'an.
Mrs. Sadat added that if we want to be a role model in the society, we must do organizational work according to the instructions of the Quran.
Based on her statements; Organizational work maintains solidarity and develops religious components, and if the Prophet of Islam did not do organizational work, we would not have the name of Islam now.
It should be noted that the meeting of Tebyan center started with the recitation of the verses of Quran by Qari Mohammad Hadi Hadi and ended after two hours with the prayer of Hujjat al-Islam wal Muslimin Sayed Mehdi Amiri.
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