Publish dateTuesday 29 November 2022 - 14:18
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Ayatollah Raisi
A few hours ago, the Iraqi Prime Minister, with the official welcome of Mr. Raisi, the President of Iran, entered the historical cultural complex of Saad Abad in Tehran.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani arrived in Tehran this morning (Tuesday, 8th of August) at the head of a political and economic delegation to talk with the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran and was welcomed by Sayed Ahsan at Mehrabad Airport. Khandozi became the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The official welcoming ceremony of Al-Sudani, who has traveled to Tehran in his third visit as the Iraqi Prime Minister, was held on Tuesday in the presence of Iranian President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi at Saad Abad Cultural Complex.
In this ceremony, the national anthems of both Iran and Iraq were played, and the Iraqi Prime Minister and the Iranian President saw the military units present in the Sun Square, and the high-ranking delegations of the two countries were introduced to each other.
After the official welcome ceremony, the bilateral negotiations between Ayatollah Raisi and Sudani will begin, and the economic and political delegations of the two countries will also discuss bilateral and regional issues and cooperation.
Nasser Kanani, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran; He considered the Iraqi Prime Minister's visit to Tehran as part of the continuation of cooperation between the two countries and announced that during this visit, the high commissions of the two countries will be held at the level of the Iraqi Prime Minister and the First Vice President of Iran.
Mohammad Jamshidi, the Political Deputy of the Iranian President's Office, also announced to IRNA regarding this visit: Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani at the official invitation of Ayatollah Sayed Ibrahim Raisi, the President of Iran and at the head of an economic and political delegation with the aim of developing bilateral and regional cooperation. He travels to Tehran.
He continued: In addition to the official meetings, the Prime Minister of Iraq will also sign a memorandum of understanding for the development of cooperation between Tehran and Baghdad.
The political deputy of the office of the president of Iran, calling the cooperation between Iran and Iraq appropriate, according to the talks and official meetings of the officials of the two countries, said: this trip will be carried out with economic and political priority, and as the 13th popular government has repeatedly announced, the priority of Iran's foreign policy is diplomacy regional and neighboring countries.
Jamshidi described Iran's relations with neighboring countries as very good and at a high level in the past year and added: the field of international relations, regional foreign policy and the promotion of relations with neighbors is the most important and key part of the foreign policy of the current government, which fortunately continues well.
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