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Media literacy is necessary for a healthy life; Not knowing the media makes it difficult to distinguish between right and wrong

3 Dec 2022 - 11:41

The expert of the women's special discourse of the Tebyan center in Balkh emphasized that the media has targeted minds and hearts today, therefore, media literacy is necessary for a healthy life, and not knowing it makes it difficult to distinguish between right and wrong.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: On the occasion of the birth of Hazrat Zainab (peace be upon her), a special student speech of the women's section of the Tabyan social cultural activities center in Balkh under the title "Religious-social responsibility of Muslim women; From Zainabi's (s.a.) mission to the knowledge of media" with the presence of seminary, academic and cultural activists, was held on Friday 2nd of Dec in the meeting hall of this center.
The expert of this discourse was Rahima Yazdani, the head of the Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) in Balkh, who discussed the chronology and media role of Hazrat Zainab (s.a.), the importance of knowing the enemy's expression and propaganda methods, the consequences of not knowing the media and the enemy's propaganda methods. Islam has spoken so far, a review of the media situation in Afghanistan and the Islamic world.
Mrs. Yazdani, referring to the headline "Hazrat Zainab's media role in the Ashura incident", she said: Zainab (s.a.) was the leader of the cold war of Ashura and played a huge role in conveying the message of the martyrs' blood.
sHe added: The person who made Imam Hussain (a.s.) and his movement universal was Zainab (s.a.), otherwise Yazid would have sent 30,000 troops to stop the Imam in the plains of Karbala.
According to her, Zainab (s.a.) shined as a divine guardian and messenger of Imam Hussain (a.s.) uprising in the incident of Karbala and the events after that, which has no equal in history.
She added: "Hazrat Zainab (s.a.), as a media and messenger of the Ashura incident, wherever she went, she spoke about the goals and ideals of Imam Hussain (a.s.) and the martyrs of Karbala, and she used every opportunity for the benefit of Islam and the promotion of Sayed al-Shuhada's uprising."
Yazdani added that Hazrat Zainab (s.a.) was a chronologist and used opportunities well to the extent that she turned the military defeat of Karbala into a victory.
"When we say that Ashura was the victory of blood over the sword, it really was, and this victory was due to Zainab (s.a.)."
The official of AVA news agency in Balkh also said that Hazrat Zainab's media role caused the Yazidis to be disgraced in the eyes of the nation and among their own people, and people knew right from wrong.
According to her, Hazrat Zainab (s.a.) knew well when to use what words. As on the 11th day of Muharram, when the prisoners were passing through the slaughterhouse, she said to the army of Omar Ibn Saad: "O Allah, accept this sacrifice from us." It means that we sacrificed for Allah and you should know that you were against the truth.
He emphasized that the media role of Hazrat Zainab (s.a.) is equivalent to the Ashura incident and cannot be compared to any incident in history.
Yazdani said about the importance of knowing the expression and propaganda methods of the enemy: knowing the enemy's tool, which is currently the media, is a necessity for a healthy life at the present time because the media does not leave us for a moment and we always deal with it.
She emphasized: "Humans decide and act based on their information, and it is the media that tells people what to do and what not to do."
Yazdani said that today the media is in charge of managing public opinion, organizing public opinion, determining people's lifestyle and generally teaching people how to live, what to eat and how to think.
She added that today the enemy has targeted people's brains and hearts using the media and no one is safe from their attacks.
According to the official of AVA News Agency in Balkh, the importance of knowing the media in the current situation is so important that if one does not know it, one's faith is at risk and it becomes difficult for one to distinguish between right and wrong.
Yazdani said: People should know the tactics and the way words are used by the opposing media and know that even the media sometimes express the truth, but they are looking for the wrong result, and they always craft a lie among the 4 true news.
The head of AVA in Balkh also said about the headline "Consequences of not knowing the media and propaganda methods of the enemy from the beginning of Islam until now": When we study history, it is full of bitterness caused by not knowing the propaganda methods of the enemy and from the beginning of Islam. Until now, the reason for the failure of Muslims has been this issue.
She added: "There are many examples in history, but we only mention one example, which is Hazrat Ali's Nahrvan war." When Muslims see the Koran on a spear, they are deceived, because they were not aware of the enemy's propaganda method, and the Prophet is forced to cease fire.
"Similarly, we see today that not only in Afghanistan, but most people in the world have low media literacy. Exactly, people were kept busy so that they don't know what harm the media is doing to them.
"Many countries including Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Georgia have become victims of media propaganda and their countries have reached the point of destruction and disintegration".
Ignorance of media tactics has indeed been able to deceive the people, take heavy expenses from the people and lead public opinion towards their goals, and the lack of media literacy even people who claim to be believers are deceived and unwillingly face the front.
"This is the media that makes right and wrong look upside down and people don't understand what is going on."
Yazdani further said about the headline "Investigation of the media situation in Afghanistan and the Islamic world": As we see in the whole world, 95% of the world's media is in the hands of Israel. Afghanistan is not exempt from this rule and most of the media are managed and programmed by the West.
Yazdani added that the West by providing the media and broadcasting of free programs have been able to collect heavy expenses from the people, but in spite of great efforts and spending heavy expenses, they still failed to implement all their goals in the country.
  She emphasized that Western media in Afghanistan and Muslim countries operate with the following approaches:
1- Constant publication of negative news: so that they can discourage people and take the power of decision and thinking from them.
2- They label the sympathetic and real faces of Afghanistan so that people do not listen to their words and are deprived of understanding the truth.
3- Trying to destroy family buildings
4- Teaching Islamic ethics and values
5- Promoting violence in society
6- Promotion of pranks: entertaining people with unimportant issues
7- Rumor spreading
8- Creation of supply and demand: every program and product they produce is first displayed through the media and then offered to the society.
9- The spread of corruption, prostitution and illegitimacy
10- Importing absurd western culture into the country
Yazdani emphasized: Today, Afghanistan is completely in a full-scale propaganda war, which is managed by the western media, and if the people and elites do not enlighten about it, the enemy's goals will undoubtedly be provided.
The official of AVA news agency in Balkh said: The news and programs of western media should be monitored in the country, their lies should be exposed so that the public opinion will not be deceived by them.
At the end of her speech, she said: Although the West has great media facilities, despite all this, the enemy is still weak, and if they work against them, without a doubt, all their plans will be ruined, and this is God's promise that Success will come from that right.
In the continuation of this speech, the students and participants went behind the podium, presented their ideas and raised their questions, and this speech ended with prayer by a cultural activist Noor khoda.

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