Publish dateTuesday 6 December 2022 - 14:27
Story Code : 261924
Azerbaijan and Turkey held a joint military maneuvers
The Ministry of Defense of Turkey announced the beginning of a joint military exercise with Baku on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan using modern warfare methods.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Ministry of Defense of Turkey announced yesterday (December 5 ) that it has started a joint military exercise with the Republic of Azerbaijan.
According to this ministry, based on the military cooperation agreement between the two countries, the forces of Turkey and the Republic of Azerbaijan have been stationed in Baku, Astara, Jabraeil and Imishli in Azerbaijan for exercises.
It is said that ground and air forces, Special Forces, intelligence and missile forces and artillery are present in this exercise and perform various missions.
This exercise, which is carried out using modern warfare methods, includes missions such as organizing the coordination of different forces, installing temporary military bridges to cross rivers, and deploying troops in virtual enemy areas.
This event will be held in the Republic of Azerbaijan following the flight-tactical training of the two countries at the beginning of this year. It should be noted that Ankara and Baku have strong bilateral relations.
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