Publish dateThursday 8 December 2022 - 10:04
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Mullah Yaqob
Following the meeting between Mohammad Yaqob Mujahid, the Acting Minister of Defense of the Islamic Emirate, and Tom West, the US Special Representative for Afghanistan in the United Arab Emirates, political experts say that the representatives of the US had several official and informal meetings with the officials of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar but so far, there have been no changes in America's policy towards Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The press office of the Ministry of National Defense has published a newsletter saying that Mawlavi Mohammad Yaqob Mujahid, Acting Minister of National Defense, during his trip to the United Arab Emirates, met with Tom West, the special representative of the United States of America for Afghanistan.
It is stated in the newsletter that in this meeting, the two sides discussed the issues of Afghanistan, and the Acting Minister of Defense of the Islamic Emirate assured the US Special Representative that Afghanistan is safe and all borders and supposed points are protected and that there is no threat to the countries of the region from within the territory of Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, political expert Wais Naseri said in an interview with AVA that American representatives had several official and unofficial meetings with officials of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar, but so far there have been no changes in the American policy towards Afghanistan.
He added: It has been more than a year that America has been playing a double game against Afghanistan, on the one hand, it does not recognize the Islamic Emirate, and on the other hand, it sends huge sums of money to Afghanistan every week.
Naseri also emphasized that the Americans are not seeking to recognize the Islamic Emirate as a government, nor are they seeking to weaken the Emirate, because the Americans are pursuing major goals for instability in the region.
This political expert stated that the US does not want the people of Afghanistan to have a powerful government, adding that the US has put Afghanistan in a situation where the countries of the region are afraid of the Islamic Emirate.
Expressing that the US is pursuing its own interests in Afghanistan and Afghanistan, he stated that the slogans of human rights, women's rights and individual freedoms are all meant to confuse the minds of the world, so the meetings will not have any effect on the situation of our country.
Meanwhile, the US special representative for Afghanistan said in a meeting with Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the reconciliation council of the former government in India that the countries of the world agree on starting political talks between Afghans.
Tom West wrote on Twitter that the beginning of national political dialogues among Afghans is an urgent need and these dialogues should be conducted by the Afghans and based on their wishes, the United States deeply supports such dialogues.
But Shahabuddin Delawar, the head of the Commission for Contact with Personalities, said that political discourse can question security and national sovereignty in Afghanistan.
Based on Indian media reports, Tom West has met and discussed the issue of Afghanistan with high-ranking officials in India, including the Deputy National Security Adviser.
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