Publish dateThursday 8 December 2022 - 15:18
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Arrest of 185 Mossad spies in Lebanon
Lebanese security sources announced the arrest of 185 Mossad spies in Lebanon over the past 3 years.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) quoted Russia Today: While the intelligence branch of the army and the Lebanese Internal Security Service published several reports of the arrest of spies of the Zionist regime in Lebanon last year, security sources announced yesterday that the Lebanese security forces have been increasing since 2019. The economic crisis of this country has arrested 185 Mossad spies, which is a record.
A Lebanese security source told Rashiatodi news agency that the Zionist enemy had taken advantage of Lebanon's economic crisis to attract spies from this country, especially among the youth.
Another source also reported that from 2009 to 2014, more than 100 people were arrested in Lebanon who had the mission of recruiting spies for the Zionist enemy in Lebanon.
The aforementioned sources warned about the critical situation of the Lebanese people at the economic and financial levels and announced that this is the first time that this number of spies have been arrested in the country.
According to this report, most of the people who fell prey to the Mossad in Lebanon communicated with agents of this spy service on social networks, and of course, many of them were unaware of the nature of what they were doing.
The method of attracting spies in cyberspace is mostly for young people and teenagers; in this way, Mossad agents get to know the interests and tendencies of teenagers by infiltrating social media in Lebanon and then communicate with them in the form of a virtual friend. After the arrest of a number of people who were trapped by the Mossad through cyberspace, it was found that a large percentage of them were not aware of the nature of the work they were doing and thought that they were working for organizations and civil associations, for example.
The espionage activities of the Zionist regime around the world, including the Arab countries, is not a hidden issue, and espionage forms the basis of the policies of this fake regime, but among the Arab countries, Lebanon is always at the top of the priorities of Israel's programs due to the presence of Hezbollah in it. This regime has been spying.
Abusing Lebanon's poverty and economic and financial crisis to incite the people of this country to cooperate with the enemy is one of Mossad's dirty methods to attract spies. As it was said, a number of people, especially young people, are willing to cooperate with the Zionist regime even with small amounts due to economic problems.
While Lebanese security sources warn about the dangers of Mossad infiltration, especially among young people, the country's internal security service and the army, along with the Hezbollah security unit, have carried out extensive operations over the past two years to discover and destroy the Zionist regime's spy networks, which resulted in the destruction of dozens of Israel's espionage core has been in different areas of Lebanon since last year and this process continues.
Previously, in January 2022, the Lebanese judicial system announced the arrest of 21 people in connection with the dismantling of 17 spy networks for the Zionist regime.
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