Publish dateFriday 9 December 2022 - 12:01
Story Code : 262054
Several Pakistani nuclear companies were sanctioned by the US
America blacklisted several Pakistani nuclear companies.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): America blacklisted several Pakistani companies for cooperating in the country's nuclear activities; At the same time, entities based in Latvia, Russia, Singapore, and Switzerland were also added to the said list due to the US national security concerns.
The Biden administration blacklisted 10 companies in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates that it says pose unacceptable risks of using or diverting items for Pakistan's unprotected nuclear activities or are involved in activities related to Pakistan's missile proliferation.
Pakistan has always emphasized that the activities of this country in the field of producing military weapons, including all types of missiles and nuclear weapons, are completely clear and this country has not committed any mistake in this direction.
As one of the world's nuclear powers, Pakistan has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and according to the alleged report of some international research institutes, this country is rapidly increasing its military capabilities in the missile and nuclear fields. It may become the third nuclear power in the world after the United States and Russia in the coming years.
Previously, the United States government added the names of 24 companies to the export control list under the pretext of supporting Russia's military and defense sector, Pakistan's nuclear activities and supplying parts to an Iranian company.
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