Publish dateSaturday 17 December 2022 - 10:25
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NATO acknowledges Putin
The Secretary General of NATO acknowledged Russia's long-term planning for war with Ukraine and added that the fastest way to end the war is to provide military support to Ukraine.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to France 24, almost 10 months after the war between Moscow and Ukraine, the forces of Kiev inflicted defeats on the Kremlin, which led to the liberation of parts of the areas occupied by Russia, but Jens Stoltenberg, The NATO secretary general warned that there was no sign that Putin had given up on his overall goal of controlling Ukraine.
NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg announced on Friday night (December 16): Russia is planning a long war in Ukraine, and NATO supporters should continue to send weapons until Putin realizes that he cannot win on the battlefield.
He stressed: We should not underestimate Russia because Putin is planning a long-term war.
Not long ago, following Moscow's order to withdraw Russian forces from the city of Kherson, NATO Secretary General called the withdrawal of Russian forces from this area of Ukrainian territory encouraging and declared: However, we should not underestimate Russia. They still have capabilities and they still have forces and with the help of their forces and power they can attack Ukrainian cities, so this shows that Russia can still cause huge damage to Ukraine.
Stoltenberg added: "We see that they are mobilizing more forces, willing to suffer more casualties and trying to get more weapons and ammunition."
NATO Secretary General noted: We must understand that Putin is ready for a long-term war and plans to launch new attacks.
Stating that it is likely that this war, like most wars, will end at the negotiating table, Stoltenberg said: the fastest way to end the war is to provide military support to Ukraine so that Putin understands that he cannot win on the battlefield, but must the intention is to sit at the negotiating table.
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