Publish dateSaturday 21 January 2023 - 11:19
Story Code : 264069
Moscow accused America of financially supporting ISIS
During an interview, Zamir Kabulov, the special representative of the Russian president for Afghan affairs, stated that the evidence shows the financial support of the US to the ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Kabulov said on Friday: They (US officials) are doing this not for benefit but for harm; Because they intend to take revenge for their shameful military-political defeat in Afghanistan.
In an interview with Rosiva 24, he added: They are doing everything to prevent peace in this suffering land. In addition to contacting the opposition groups in Afghanistan, they also secretly provide financial support to ISIS.
The US withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021, and its chaotic exit became very controversial.
The US-backed Afghan government also collapsed two weeks before the US left without a conflict, and the Islamic Emirate took control of the country again, as in 2001.
While the cost of the 20-year war in Afghanistan is estimated to be more than 2 trillion dollars, in 2021, the United States spent nearly 73 billion dollars on training, equipping, maintaining and supplying the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. Finally, a large part of the weapons and defense equipment of the national security fell into the hands of the Islamic Emirate.
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