Publish dateSunday 22 January 2023 - 10:00
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The outbreak of the pseudo-coronavirus disease in Badakhshan claimed the lives of 17 people
Officials in Badakhshan Public Health Department announced the spread of the Corona-like disease in the Pamirs of this province and said that 17 people have died due to this disease in the last one month. The health team of this department has traveled to this area from Tajikistan to contain the disease.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-Sharif: Atiqullah Faizi, head of public health in Badakhshan, said yesterday Saturday (January 21) that the corona-like disease has spread in the Great Pamir region and claimed 17 lives in one month.
However, he said that due to the heavy snowfall and extreme cold weather, a health team consisting of health service employees has been sent to the area via Tajikistan.
He added that after a health team went to the area, the patients were treated and the health condition of the local residents returned to normal.
He also said that a necessary amount of spices has been transferred to the place along with the team and health experts.
Meanwhile, Dr. Khalil-ur-Rahman Ibrahimi Khel, the head of the Agha Khan health service in Badakhshan, also said that respiratory and seasonal diseases have spread in Qarijat Mazarzo and Vashkar village of Yavan district of Badakhshan, and health teams have been sent to the area and so far 906 people including women and children have been treated and further spread of the disease has been prevented.
He added that another 194 people were treated by mobile health teams in Shahr Bozor district, but two residents died in Farsang village of this district.
Meanwhile, residents of Pamir Badakhshan said that this disease has killed 21 people, including children, in the past month.
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