Publish dateTuesday 24 January 2023 - 10:24
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Continued tension in Europe; Germany deploys the Patriot system in Poland
After a Ukrainian missile hit Poland and killed two citizens of this country, Germany plans to deploy the Patriot defense system in Poland to prevent such incidents from happening again.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to Reuters, after two residents of a village near the Ukrainian border died after a Ukrainian stray missile landed, Germany announced to prevent the spread of the virus. The fire of war will take measures to the neighboring countries of Ukraine.
Berlin offered to send three Patriot air defense units to Poland to help secure the country's airspace.
Before the departure of these Patriot defense systems from German territory, Colonel Georg Sievers told reporters in the city of "Genwin" near the eastern border of Germany: "Certainly one of the reasons why Germany now supports the eastern flank of NATO in Poland with Patriot defense systems is this." We have seen how quickly the conflict between Russia and Ukraine can spread to NATO member countries.
Sievers, who will be in charge of the German unit in Poland, emphasized the defensive nature of the Patriot system, and added: We are not the only defense forces that will be sent to that area, but British and American forces will also be present there.
He said: "Patriot is a fully defensive system, and we hope that by using these defense systems, we can create enough protection in that area to prevent attacks or incidents like the one that happened in November last year."
Knowledgeable sources in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) announced on the 15th of November that the Ukrainian missile that hit the Polish soil has been confirmed by the US President and informed by the Western countries.
In this connection, US President Joe Biden informed the member countries of this military organization and the Group of 7 that the Polish missile incident was caused by a Ukrainian air defense missile.
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