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British human rights and the story of missing children
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Today's view: The case of missing children is another aspect of the West's historical scandal regarding refugees, which challenges the human rights claims of England and the West above all and shows the insignificant value of human beings in modern civilization.
The British government announced on Tuesday, January 24, that "200 unaccompanied minor migrants" who had been accommodated in a hotel by the government had disappeared.
The British government also said that these children had "disappeared" and had left their residence without leaving the slightest trace of themselves.
Robert Jenrick; The Minister of Immigration has said that 440 cases of missing children have been reported, among which 200 children are still missing.
It is said that 88% of these disappeared Albanians, Egypt, India, Vietnam, Pakistan and Turkey and others are from Afghanistan.
Caroline Lucas; The representative of the Green Party, who raised the issue in Parliament, described this incident as "horrific" and said that "these injured children were abandoned by the British Home Office."
The UK Home Office and local councils blame each other, each saying that the ultimate responsibility for protecting these children rests with the other.
This is a great shame and a humiliating event not only for England; Rather, it is for the entire Western world; because the sad and shocking sufferings that the asylum seekers have suffered in Europe and America for more than a year and are still going on.
The performance of the West during what was called the "transfer operation", during which more than a hundred thousand Afghan citizens were transferred to other countries after the fall of the republic, is a historical stain on the human rights record of the Western powers that will never be erased.
At first, the West referred to that event as one of the biggest displacement operations in history and was proud of it; But it soon became clear that the way of management, planning, inhumane treatment, unacceptable conditions and the imposition of immoral restrictions on the refugees transferred from Afghanistan were so scandalous that it can be considered a historical example of shame and He called it mismanagement, chaos, abuse, and immorality.
Now that more than a year and a half has passed since that event, thousands of people are still living in the refugee camps and military bases in very poor conditions, and are trying to get a residence in the western countries or to reach a safe place. They struggle pitifully to live in those countries.
All this while during the "transfer operation" which, of course, had clear security and intelligence motives and the transfer of a part of civilians was only a cover to hide the main project, hundreds of people were killed and injured in the name of ISIS and by the United States.
In the meantime, the story of the missing children is another aspect of the West's historical abomination about asylum seekers, which first of all challenges the claims of British and Western human rights and shows the insignificant value of human beings in modern civilization.
Of course, this is not the only case of this kind. In the past, shocking and horrifying reports have been published about the fate of orphaned children who went to Europe from Islamic, Asian and African countries to seek asylum in the West. Over the years, tens of thousands of children have either drowned on the way to the western paradise, and become food for vampire whales in the deadly waterways of migration to Europe, or by human and drug trafficking gangs, the criminal trade of organs, and mafia networks of physical exploitation and have been sexually hunted or have finally reached Europe and in exchange for receiving asylum in Western countries, they have been forced to accept an ideological system and anti-values that are in complete conflict with their cultural identity and belief system, and this is one of the main It is considered the most motivations of the West for easy acceptance of children.
Now, following the big scandal of missing children, Western and British human rights organizations are facing another big challenge, and that is the terrible fate of those whom the West targets independent nations under the pretext of protecting their rights.
In the meantime, it is not clear how the great scandal of missing children is justified in the British and Western human rights system. Despite the occurrence of this tragic story, which is considered a clear example of a crime against humanity, does the West still brazenly give itself the right to reprimand, threaten and sanction free nations under the pretext of violating human rights?!
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