Publish dateSaturday 28 January 2023 - 13:38
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Demonstration of Herat people against Quran burning; Muslims are ready to martyrdom in defense of Quran
A large number of Herat citizens chanted anti-Sweden slogans and condemned the burning of the Quran in Herat yesterday (January 27, 2023) after the Friday prayers at avenue. They also emphasized that Muslims are ready to martyrdom to defend the Quran.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Herat: In this gathering, Mawlavi Abdul Rashid Affan Hakimi, one of the religious scholars of Herat, said: One of the rights that the Qur'an has over all Muslims is to defend it, and Muslims are ready to martyr themselves in defense of the Qur'an. .
He added: Those who engage in such hostile actions should know that they cannot silence the voice of the Quran, the Quran is a divine book that is in the hearts of millions of Muslims.
He further emphasized: The reason why they burned the Quran in Sweden is that a large number of non-Muslims convert to Islam.
This religious scholar of Herat added: The Quran is a heavenly book, a book of healing and a book of preaching, and it teaches life lessons for everyone.
At the same time, Hojjat al-Salam wal-Muslimin Muhammad Yusuf Mahdavi, the deputy of the Council of Scholars of Jibrail area of Herat, was also present in this protest. He says: Those who disrespect the Quran should know that the Quran and the religion of Islam will not be harmed in any way, but it will become stronger day by day.
He said: This act of one of the citizens of Sweden, who set the Quran on fire, has wounded the hearts of all the Muslims of the world, and all the Muslims of the world condemn this act.
The citizens of Herat, whose number reached hundreds of people, spontaneously and widely participated in this protest.
Mohammad, one of the citizens of Herat who was present at the protest, said: Muslims have never insulted non-Islamic books, but the infidels repeated this bad act many times.
This citizen of Herat added: The leaders of all Islamic countries should gather together and take serious action in this field so that it becomes a lesson for Western and European countries not to take such actions in the future and not to insult the holy things of Muslims.
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