Publish dateSunday 29 January 2023 - 16:51
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Dealing with drug producers in Herat/ More than 170 tons of drugs were discovered and confiscated
The officials of Herat's anti-narcotics department say that this department has been able to arrest about 400 drug dealers and seize more than 170 tons of different types of drugs in the past nine months. They also report about the destruction and clearing of about 5 thousand acres of land from drug cultivation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Herat: Mawlavi Hamidullah Mutawakel, the spokesperson of the Herat provincial government, says that during the past year, laws have been enacted to combat the cultivation and trafficking of drugs, and according to this law, the cultivation of poppy and marijuana is strictly prohibited.
He added: According to this law, all drug dens and factories, which were mostly located in the city centers, were destroyed and the perpetrators were handed over to the law. According to him, serious and severe action has been taken against the perpetrators, all drug retail places have been blocked as far as possible and a serious decision has been taken to collect drug addicts from the city.
He adds that during the past 9 months, 13 large drug and alcohol factories have been discovered and destroyed.
Mawlavi Mutawakel notes: During this period, more than 170 tons of solid and liquid drugs, including opium, heroin, glass, marijuana, poppy seeds, alcoholic beverages, fermented raisins, and liquid and solid chemicals that are used in the production of drugs.
Herat governor's spokesperson also states: About four thousand nine hundred and two acres of land has been cleared from poppy and hemp cultivation.
According to him; 394 suspects, including women, have been arrested.
Mawlavi Mutawakel also reminds that during this period, seven thousand nine hundred and seventeen drug addicts were collected from the city, some of whom have regained their health.
He also states: In the last two cold weeks, 4,200 addicts were collected from the streets and transferred to a safe place, and this process is ongoing.
This local official in Herat asks all people to report to the relevant centers if they see poppy cultivation, drug factory, retail stores and any work related to this practice.
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