Publish dateTuesday 31 January 2023 - 13:43
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The International Monetary Fund announced that the price cap on Russian oil would be ineffective
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published a report on the outlook for the development of the world economy, calling the Western sanctions against Russia ineffective.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The International Monetary Fund, in the update of its January report published on Monday (January 30, 2023) about the outlook for the development of the world economy, added: the setting of the Russian oil price ceiling by the Group of Seven has caused Moscow, to change exports from countries that have joined sanctions to countries that have not imposed sanctions, and this issue has not had a significant negative impact on Russian exports.
The Group of Seven countries, the European Union and Australia imposed a $60 price ceiling for Russian oil supplied by sea to their ships and territories from December 5 last year.
In addition, from February 5, 2023, the final prices of petroleum products will be applied, the parameters of which will be determined subsequently.
On December 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a retaliatory decree banning the supply of Russian oil to buyers who joined the ban in February.
At the same time, the head of government reserved the right to make special decisions in the field of oil and oil products supply, which is prohibited in this decree.
The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation was obliged to monitor the implementation of this ban. This document becomes effective on February 1, 2023 and is valid until July 1, 2023.
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