Publish dateWednesday 1 February 2023 - 11:35
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A guard is appointed to protect the ancient monuments of Herat
A delegation from the Ministry of Interior, in a meeting with the head of Herat's information and culture, said that guards are to be appointed for all the historical centers of this province.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Herat: Mohibullah Khabib, officer of Unit 012 of the Ministry of Interior, on Tuesday, January 31 in a meeting with the head of information and culture in Herat, said that during this trip, he visited all the historical watersheds in this province and for Shaun will be determined by the guard.
He added: The Islamic Emirate pays special attention to the preservation of historical monuments and considers it necessary to appoint a guardian for historical monuments.
This official of the Ministry of Interior also stated: This decision of the Ministry of Interior was made to pay more attention to historical monuments.
Meanwhile, Maulana Naeem-ul-Haq Haqqani, Herat's head of information and culture, while welcoming this plan, said: appointing guardians for historical monuments is a basic necessity, and if historical monuments had guardians in the past, they would not have faced the problem of collapse.
In this meeting, Maulana Haqqani asked the central government officials to pay more attention to Herat's historical monuments.
It is said that in the ancient province of Herat, there are more than 700 historical monuments left from different periods, and a limited number of them have guards, which caused arbitrary excavations by irresponsible people and serious damage to these historical monuments. Is.
At the same time, the construction work of the first phase of the fifth minaret of Herat city is also nearing completion, and this historical minaret will be straightened after many years.
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