Publish dateWednesday 1 February 2023 - 11:38
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Booksellers expressed their concern about the decrease in sales and the increase in book taxes in Herat
A number of booksellers in Herat express their concern about the decrease in book sales in this province and ask the authorities to reduce the imposed tax, because they cannot afford to pay it in this situation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Herat: Abdullah Momeni, one of the big booksellers of Herat city, says that the amount of book sales and people's interest in buying them has decreased significantly.
He pointed out: He has organized several book fairs in different parts of this province, and more than 50% of book buyers are residents of Al-Mahdi Jabrail and Haji Abbas Herat areas, of which 80% are women.
According to him, they have many plans to encourage young people to read books and they are going to organize big book exhibitions.
He emphasized: In order for young people not to be disappointed by the current situation and to read books, they can buy books from this bookstore, which will be given exquisite prizes such as cash according to the lottery.
He also expressed his concern about the high cost of taxes imposed by the government on booksellers.
Meanwhile, Zarif Ahmad, another book seller in Herat, says: On the one hand, book sales have decreased, and on the other hand, we have to pay a lot of taxes to the government.
This book seller asked the officials of the Department of Information and Culture to reduce taxes, because they cannot afford to pay high taxes in this situation.
On the other hand, Maulana Naeemul-Haq-Haqqani, the head of information and culture in Herat, says: Some decisions are made in the center of the country, but still the Islamic Emirate is trying so that the booksellers of this province do not suffer.
He added: The revenue collected by the government from each trade is used again for itself.
It is said that in order to encourage young people to read books and to develop this culture in the society, big book reading competitions are held every year under different titles by scientific and cultural centers in Herat.
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