Publish dateSunday 5 February 2023 - 12:16
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The US shot down a Chinese intelligence balloon over the Atlantic Ocean
News sources on Saturday evening (February 4) announced the action of America in shooting down the Chinese balloon in front of the coast of Carolina.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): News sources announced on Saturday evening (February 4), that America shot down the Chinese intelligence balloon.
According to reports, the US military shot down this Chinese balloon in front of the coast of Carolina, and its wreckage is currently being collected.
Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense, claimed that the Chinese balloon that was shot down was used for espionage purposes and to monitor US strategic centers.
Austin added: Following President Biden's orders, an American fighter plane successfully shot down this balloon at a high altitude. This balloon was used to monitor strategic centers in the United States. The president agreed to shoot down this balloon on the condition that there is no danger to the citizens.
The US Defense Minister also said that the operation to shoot down this drone was carried out with the full support and coordination of the Canadian government.
US President Joe Biden also said that he had requested to shoot down this balloon on Wednesday, but national security had advised him to wait until the balloon arrived at the right place.
At the same time, the American president refused to answer a question about the impact of the downing of this balloon on relations with China.
Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said earlier on Saturday that the country's government will deal with the issue of the Chinese balloon flying over America.
In response to reporters' questions about the current situation, Biden added: We will take care of this matter.
Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported that Biden agreed to shoot down this Chinese balloon.
On the other hand, the ABC network announced the action of the United States of America in closing the airspace of parts of the state of Carolina in order to track the Chinese balloon.
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