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Moscow nuclear alert; The attack on Crimea will be answered with nuclear weapons

5 Feb 2023 - 13:28

Following the continuation of the war in Ukraine, Moscow has announced that if Kiev attacks Crimea, it will respond with nuclear weapons.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to Newsweek, Dmitry Medvedev, head of the Russian Security Council, said: If Ukraine seeks to regain control of Crimea, Moscow may use its own nuclear deterrent.
This senior Russian official made the above statements yesterday (Saturday) in an interview with a Russian journalist and added: Any attack by Ukraine on Crimea will be met with retaliatory reactions.
According to this publication, the expressions of this figure are close to "Vladimir Putin", the President of Russia, while Moscow, despite its huge army, has not achieved the desired result in the battle with Kiev. When Putin launched his attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022 (5:00 a.m.), the goal was a quick victory. It has provided Kiev to reclaim thousands of miles of occupied territory.
For this reason, some observers have predicted that the Ukrainian army can take back Crimea if it joins Russia in 2014.
Just a few days before Madovov's comments, a Ukrainian official said that Kyiv was preparing "offensive tanks" to retake occupied territories, including Crimea. The New York Times also recently reported that the tendency of the "Joe Biden" government to attack Ukraine on the Black Sea Peninsula has increased.
In his interview, Madovov also pointed out that Crimea might become a battlefront, and warned that Ukraine's efforts to retake this territory would have devastating consequences.
He emphasized: There is no negotiation in this case and only retaliatory attacks are being carried out. The head of the Security Council of Russia threatened that in case of such attacks, Kiev will be destroyed under the rule of Ukraine.
The former President of Russia then continued that Moscow's response in the event of an attack on Crimea could be anything and there is no limit. Referring to the Kremlin's official policy regarding nuclear deterrence, he added: Kishore is ready to pack all its weapons, including nuclear weapons, to stabilize the nature of the threat. Madovov pointed out that according to Russia's doctrine, any attack on Crimea will be quick, hard and convincing.
Madovov's comments regarding Crimea are in the context of the fact that both sides consider this peninsula as part of their territory. Volodymyr Zelinsky, the president of Ukraine, has pledged to end the war if the Russian forces are expelled from the entire territory of Ukraine, including Crimea. However, Russian officials have said that they do not accept any such peace agreement.
"General Kylo Budanov," the head of Ukraine's defense intelligence, said in an interview last week that Ukraine intends to retake Crimea by the end of summer.

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