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Afghanistan has paid part of Iran's water rights

6 Feb 2023 - 15:58

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran confirms that following political and technical negotiations between this country and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, a part of the country's water rights have been paid from the Helmand/Hirmand River, but this was not the entire water rights of this country.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: Nasser Kanani, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who was speaking at his weekly press conference in Tehran today, Monday, February 6, 2023, answered a question about Iran's pursuit of water rights from Afghanistan. Based on the recent order of the president of this country and its results, he said: "At some stages of the efforts and diligent follow-ups that were done before, and the delegations that went to Afghanistan, including the border and expert delegations, The trip of the combined teams, as well as the trip of the former Minister of Energy, was received as a part of the water rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but this was not all of Iran's water rights.
He stated that the pursuit of water rights is part of Iran's demands from Afghanistan, and noted: Mr. President's emphasis was a clear and double order that the subordinate institutions and ministries in the Islamic Republic of Iran fulfill their responsibilities in this regard.
Kanani continued, Mr. Kazemi Qomi, the special representative of the president for Afghanistan affairs and acting head of the Iranian embassy in Kabul, discussed this matter seriously in his recent meeting with the acting foreign minister of Afghanistan.
He clarified that this issue will be pursued by this country and Iran will use legal methods and diplomatic and technical negotiations to ensure the rights of the Iranian nation and also to follow the President's order, and will pursue this issue.
At the same time, Ayatollah Sayed Ibrahim Raisi, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has announced the first mission of Mr. Kazemi Qomi in Kabul regarding the issue of the country's water rights from the Helmand/Hirmand River.
In a meeting with Amir Khan Muttaqi, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate in Kabul, Kazemi Qomi said that Afghanistan's water should be managed in such a way that it is not wasted and Iran's rights are not lost.
In an interview, he also mentioned that the caretaker government of Afghanistan did not tell Iran that they will not give the title of Helmand, but according to its officials, the water treaty is being implemented.
According to the head of the Iranian embassy in Kabul, the officials of the caretaker government of Afghanistan assured the officials of the Islamic Republic in oral conversations and in official notes that the water treaty will be implemented. But he emphasized that measures should be taken to prevent this detour and the Taliban have told them that they will do this. According to him, Kamal Khan dam is a diversion dam and it causes water to go to another direction.

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