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Greenhouse owners of Herat complain about the fading of the sales market during the planting season

26 Feb 2023 - 12:24

The greenhouse owners of Herat complain that during the flower and sapling sales season, which was very prosperous in the past, and has faded this year, they also ask the officials to hold scientific and educational seminars for them in the field of flower and sapling cultivation.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Herat: Abdullah, one of Herat's flower and sapling sellers, says: This year, like other years, the flower and sapling market is not booming, people cannot buy the saplings and flowers they need due to economic problems.
He added: In the past years, they sold saplings and flowers for up to 20,000 afghanis daily, but this year it will not reach 10,000 afghanis.
Abdul Baqi Rahmani, another flower seller in Herat, says: Due to the cold weather this winter, 50% of the flowers in their greenhouses have been destroyed.
He pointed out: Although their greenhouses were covered with several layers of plastic and even a heater was turned on inside the greenhouses, this winter still destroyed many flowers and caused a lot of damage to the greenhouse owners.
Mr. Rahmani also emphasized: All flower sellers have suffered financial losses and the only way to compensate them is for people to buy flowers and plants.
He also added: Flowers can be used and cultivated in any other season, except in the cold season, but there is no proper place to sell flowers.
This florist further said: Most of Herat's flower and sapling sellers have not received the necessary scientific training in the field of flower and sapling cultivation, if seminars are launched in this field, it will be very effective.
He added: There are various flowers in Herat, most of which belong to Herat.
Rahmani added: There are very few foreign flowers in Herat, because it takes at least two years to adapt to the climate of this province, otherwise it will disappear.
With the arrival of the month of Pisces and being on the eve of the spring season, the flower and seedling market in Herat has flourished and people buy flowers and seedling as much as they can afford to make their environment greener.
At the same time, officials of Sapling Planting Commission in Herat province announce the plan to create seven green belts in different parts of this province.

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