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Deputy Prime Minister: Islamic Emirate does not use women as tools

10 Mar 2023 - 12:29

In a message on the occasion of March 8th, the political deputy of the Islamic Emirate said yesterday that the Islamic Emirate does not want to deceive women with empty slogans and false promises and use them as a tool to get projects and money, as in the past.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: On Wednesday (March 8), Maulvi Abdul Kabir said in a message on the occasion of International Women's Day: I congratulate all the faithful, dignified and suffering women of Afghanistan on International Women's Day.
He added: In different periods of history, Muslim women of the world, especially Afghan women, have played an influential role; They have played a significant role in various battles, the spread of education and even in the victory of the twenty-year jihad.
In the message of the Deputy Prime Minister, it is stated: The blessed religion of Islam sees men and women with the same eye; He considers both as two wings of society; They respect the dignity of women and invite everyone to respect them and treat them well.
Regarding the approach of the Islamic Emirate towards women, he said: The Islamic Emirate gives special rights to women and respects them in the light of Islamic rulings and guidelines. The Islamic Emirate does not want to deceive women with empty slogans and unwarranted promises, as in the past, and use them as a tool to get projects and money. Rather, the Islamic Emirate wants to protect the dignity and honor of women in the true sense of the word, so that they can enjoy worldly and hereafter happiness.
The Deputy Prime Minister has added: The Islamic Emirate has strictly prohibited the forced marriage of widows, ill treatment of them, punishing them without committing a sin, and similar illegal acts and oppression of women.
He said that the Islamic Emirate is trying to provide a safe educational environment for women in the society, as well as work and business for them, and it is trying to make women see themselves in the framework of Islam and Afghan culture in every field and contribute to the progress of society. to be
It should be mentioned that March 8th, which is named as Women's Day by Western countries, is celebrated in some countries; While some Islamic countries have named the birth of Hazrat Fatima (s.a.) as Women's Day and celebrate it as Women's Day.

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