Publish dateMonday 13 March 2023 - 12:11
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Afghanistan, Kazakhstan in move to strengthen ties
Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi met with Kazakhstan Ambassador to Afghanistan and discussed a number of issues.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, Yessengeldiyev said his country considers Afghanistan to be a friendly country and that it hopes to expand bilateral ties.

He shared details on trade exchange and said this had increased in recent months from $300 million to $900 million.

Kazakhstan will continue its political, trade, and humanitarian ties with Afghanistan, he said.

A new batch of humanitarian aid is expected to arrive in Afghanistan from Kazakhstan soon, he added.

Yessengeldiyev said that his country also continues to provide scholarships for higher education to Afghan students annually.

For his part, Muttaqi said that with the recent changes in the region, the two countries have increased trade and cooperation.

Muttaqi said that Afghanistan wants to build different railway lines in the country, and asked for technical assistance from Kazakhstan.

He said Afghanistan is ready to play a transit role in connecting Kazakhstan with South Asia and asked Yessengeldiyev to provide transit facilities to Afghanistan in its time of need.

Muttaqi also reiterated that the security forces of the Islamic Emirate will not allow any group to use the territory of Afghanistan against another country.
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