Publish dateWednesday 22 March 2023 - 11:42
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consequences of economic recession in America; Amazon lays off another 9,000 employees
Following the recent economic recession and the reduction of jobs in large American companies and banks in this country, Amazon also announced on Monday that it will eliminate another 9,000 jobs to optimize its performance and manage the uncertain economic situation. The CEO of Amazon announced this news in a memo to the company's employees.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow during an official visit and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
During the meeting, Putin told his Chinese counterpart that Russia and China have many common tasks and goals to accomplish.
Putin also said about China's plan to resolve the situation in Ukraine that his country has carefully examined it and is ready for the negotiation process. He stated that Russia has a respectful approach towards China's peace plan.
The Russian President added: Important steps have been taken in the development of relations between Russia and China. Trade exchange between the two countries has more than doubled and has now reached 185 billion dollars
The President of China has also said that he is happy to visit Russia and hopes to help create a multipolar world with the cooperation of this country.
He added that Beijing will cooperate with Russia to promote a multipolar world.
During his ninth visit to Russia, Xi Jinping added: China will work with Russia to support true multilateralism, promote a multipolar world and greater democracy in international relations, and help make global governance fairer.
The 69-year-old Chinese president arrived in the Russian capital Moscow on Monday morning for a three-day official visit.
He said: I am sure that this meeting will bring useful results and will lead to the growth and development of the strategic partnership between Russia and China.
Jinping called Russia a friendly neighbor and expressed his satisfaction with the invitation of the Russian authorities for his visit to this country. He described his trip to Moscow as a trip of friendship, cooperation and peace.
China is one of Russia's strategic allies. This country had tacitly supported Russia's military invasion of Ukraine.
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