Publish dateThursday 23 March 2023 - 11:16
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Afghanistan is not a ruined country, it can complement Iran
At the same time as the beginning of the new Hijri solar year, the special representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran for Afghanistan affairs and the head of the country's embassy in Kabul, pointing out that paying attention to the countries of the region and neighbors is one of the priorities of the government of this country, added: Contrary to the notions that Afghanistan It is a ruined country, it has very good potential in the complementary economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Hassan Kazemi Qomi stated on the sidelines of the New Year ceremony at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul: What should be the focus of attention of Iran's diplomatic system; The growth of exports of the country's domestic products to Afghanistan, because this country is one of the virgin markets for our final products.
In an interview with Iran Press, he explained: Afghanistan's economy has been destroyed after 20 years of American occupation, so today, considering the good relations between the two countries, the common culture and the interest of the Afghan people in developing relations with this country, the transfer of technical and engineering services It is another communication route between the two countries.
The Head of the Iranian Embassy in Afghanistan said: Today, the people of Afghanistan have a huge amount of capital, which should be sent to our country for investment. One of the strategic plans in the field of economy is to create common areas on our borders with Afghanistan.
He clarified: The issue of transit from Chabahar, which is one of the demands of Afghanistan, is on our priority and agenda. Afghanistan has very good resources and mines that can play a role in Iran's steel industry.
Kazemi Qomi emphasized: I advise the producers and exporters of Iran not to ignore the capacity created between Iran and Afghanistan, which was the establishment of a commercial center by Iran.
This is despite the fact that Kazemi Qomi had emphasized in an interview that Afghanistan can complement the economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in terms of its capacities.
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