Publish dateSunday 26 March 2023 - 10:23
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Clearing the roads of Ghazni districts/ In some areas, up to 70 cm of snow has fallen
The local authorities of Ghazni province have reported heavy snowfall during the two days of the New Year in several districts of the province and say that the thickness of the snow in some areas is up to 70 cm. According to them, at the beginning of the snowfall, a number of roads were also blocked, which have now been cleared.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) Ghazni: Mullah Mohibullah Abbas; The director of public works of Ghazni told AVA about the latest details of the heavy snowfall in this province: during the first two days of the new year, heavy snowfall has occurred in several districts of Ghazni, including Jagto, Nahor, Jaghori and Malestan districts, and the thickness of the snow is up to 70 cm. It has reached some areas of Jagto district and some areas of other districts.
According to Abbas, as a result of these snowfalls, the roads of Jagto and some other districts were blocked, and as a result of the round-the-clock efforts of the Department of Public Works, the roads have been opened, and efforts are underway to open the roads if any other area is blocked.
According to the Director of Public Works of Ghazni, a sick woman was saved from death in Sarab Jaghto area and no serious damage was done.
At the same time, Abu Thabit, the head of the Ghazni disaster department, told AVA that as a result of the snowfall, no new damage has been done to the fields and no casualties have been reported.
The head of Ghazni events called these snows useful for increasing water at this time of the year and said that with these snowfalls, the risk of drought has also been removed and it is a source of hope for the farmers.
According to this local official, there has been heavy rain in the center of Ghazni for two days, which has stopped for now.
A number of residents of Nahor district also reported heavy snowfall in this district and said that the height of snow reaches up to one meter in some areas.
It should be mentioned that in recent years, this is a rare event in Ghazni province that heavy snow falls in the first days of the New Year.
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