Publish dateMonday 27 March 2023 - 10:01
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Criminal offenses have decreased in Sar-e-pul province
The spokesman of the police commander of Sar-e-pul province says that various criminal crimes have decreased in this province with the cooperation of the people. He called the coordination between the people and the government important in reducing all kinds of crimes and added that the people should cooperate with the security forces in order to maintain security.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: Din Mohammad Nazari, the press officer of the Sar-e-pul Province Police Command, said that with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, the level of crimes has decreased throughout the country, especially in Sar-e-pul Province, and people are satisfied with the current security.
According to him, all the officials of the Sar-e-pul police headquarters are trying to prevent the smuggling, cultivation and buying and selling of narcotics in various departments, including the fight against drugs.
Nazari added: So far, they have been able to collect 620 drug addicts from different areas of this province and transfer them to health centers for treatment, among which 424 people have recovered and returned to their normal lives.
The spokesman of the police of Sar-e-pul province said: The officers of the Anti-Narcotics Department have destroyed 230 acres of land that had been planted with marijuana and another 142 acres of land that had been planted with opium.
He added: The Sar-e-pul police command has had significant activities in preventing various criminal crimes, which he said has reached zero, and 275 people have been arrested for committing the crimes of theft, drug trafficking, murder, and running away from home, including 182 cases have been sent to judicial bodies.
The press officer of the Sar-e-pul Provincial Police Command says: Special uniforms and equipment for the security forces, which are effective in ensuring security, have been made available to us, but due to the lack of some equipment, they have not been distributed to all soldiers in the city in the near future. And the districts are dressed in special clothes.
Stating that the security forces are working to improve security and create a safe environment for the people, he says: There are all fixed and mobile police checkpoints and daily and night patrols, and the people are cooperating in ensuring security.
This security official in Sar-e-pul province called the coordination between the people and the government important in reducing all types of crimes and said that in order to maintain security, people should inform as soon as possible if they come across suspicious devices and persons that disturb the order of the city.
Residents of Sar-e-pul province also express their satisfaction with the existing security and say that the security conditions in this province have improved.
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