Publish dateMonday 27 March 2023 - 10:19
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57 million revenues of Sar-e-pul province municipality in the past year
Sar-e-pul province municipality directorate says in the accountability program of the government to the nation that in the past one year, it has earned 57 million and 760 thousand Afghanis from various trades.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: On Sunday (March 26), the accountability program of the government to the nation was held by the Sar-e-pul municipality directorate with the participation of the vice-province, heads of departments, transit lawyers and various guilds at the Almas Hotel in Sar-e-pul city. In this program, Sar-e-pul Municipal Administration gave information to the media about their functions and activities during the past year.
Qari Abdul Vakil Moaz, the mayor of Sar-e-pul city, said that this department has earned 57 million and 760 thousand Afghanis from its sources of income in the past one year.
According to him, after the victory of the Islamic Emirate, until now, the municipality of Sar-e-pul has carried out significant activities in various sectors, including several different projects, especially construction and renovation, and in addition to that, a number of other projects are also under construction.
The head of Sar-e-pul municipality added that in order to ensure urban order have been distributed to mobile vendors and other trades have also been transferred to suitable places in the city.
He added that in order to clean the city, 15 tons of garbage are collected daily from different parts of Sar-e-pul province and transferred outside the city.
The mayor of Sar-e-pul added that in order to make Sar-e-pul city more green, more than 6,000 saplings and flower bushes were planted in parks and green areas, and 5 wells were drilled in the city and secondary roads were graveled.
Besides that, engineer Jalaluddin Qiyam, responsible for the planning and policy of Sar-e-pul municipality, also informed about the plans of this department, especially the construction of inter-urban ring roads, reconstruction projects, development plan and development of the city, reforms, good governance and project implementation management with better quality in mind.
Meanwhile, Mohammad Nader Haqjo, Deputy Governor of Sar-e-pul praised the functions of the Sar-e-pul municipality directorate and said that the people, the elders of the tribe should have full cooperation with the local officials, especially the municipality directorate, in line with the development, development and reconstruction of the city of Sar-e-pul.
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