Publish dateWednesday 29 March 2023 - 17:30
Story Code : 267608
DAB launches new banking withdrawal system
By launching a new money withdrawal program from ATMs, Da Afghanistan Bank – central bank of Afghanistan said that it is committed to providing the necessary facilities for citizens to make payments equal to global standards.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Da Afghanistan Bank says that now citizens can withdraw money from their bank account using an “Afpay card” at all ATMs.
The bank said in an announcement that: “There is no need to wait in long queues to receive money.”
According to the bank, Afghans can get “Afpay cards” from all commercial banks in the country.
What is AfPay
AfPay is the national card payment scheme of Afghanistan designed to enhance and promote electronic payments.
AfPay not only provides an affordable, safe, and efficient alternative to the existing banked population in the country, but it also provides an opportunity to offer lower costs to the unbanked citizens.
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