Publish dateSaturday 1 April 2023 - 14:03
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Taiwan: Chinese Jets Carried Out ‘Combat Readiness’ Patrols
Taiwan’s defence ministry said, ten Chinese aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait, normally an unofficial barrier between the two sides.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, Nine Chinese fighter jets and one military drone crossed the median line in the 24 hours to 6am local time on Saturday (20:00 GMT on Friday), the ministry said in a daily report on Chinese military activities.

Taiwan sent combat aircraft to warn away the Chinese aircraft, while missile systems monitored them, the ministry said, using standard wording for its response.

Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory, has complained in recent years of almost daily missions by the Chinese air force near the democratically governed island, often in the southwestern part of its air defence identification zone.

Nine Chinese aircraft that crossed the median line on Friday were carrying out combat readiness patrols, a move that Taiwan’s defence ministry said has “deliberately created tension” and undermined peace and stability.

Beijing has threatened unspecified retaliation if Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, now travelling in Central America, should meet United States House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy as she transits through the US on her trip to Latin America.

Washington had said there was no reason for China to “overreact” to the “normal, uneventful” trip, while Beijing warned the US was “playing with fire” over Tsai being hosted by officials in the US.
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