Publish dateSaturday 1 April 2023 - 14:47
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The United Nations warned of the increasing threat of nuclear weapons in the world
A week after Russia's decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, the United Nations warned of an increase in nuclear tensions in the world.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): After Russia's decision to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus, the United Nations has called for an immediate reduction in nuclear tensions.
Izumi Nakamitsu, the UN's chief disarmament representative, told the organization's Security Council on Friday, March 31, that the risk of using nuclear weapons is greater now than at any time since the Cold War.
According to Nakamitsu, the lack of dialogue among nuclear-weapon states is the main reason for this potential danger.
Mrs. Nakamitsu asked the member states of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to strictly adhere to their obligations.
He called the war in Ukraine one of the reasons for the increase in nuclear tension in the world.
Meanwhile, Vasily Nebenzia, Russia's permanent representative to the United Nations, said that his country pursues cooperation with Belarus without violating international obligations.
But Robert Wood, the US ambassador to the United Nations, accused Russia of violating international obligations and added that Moscow is trying to win the war in Ukraine.
Concerns about the possibility of a nuclear conflict have increased after Russia announced last week that it would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.
The tactical nuclear weapon that Russia is going to deploy in Belarus has a short range and can target countries around Russia and Europe.
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