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Washington Post: Former Afghan soldiers in America are dealing with mental problems

15 Apr 2023 - 14:00

The American newspaper "Washington Post" wrote that the former Afghan military forces, known as "Part Zero", who are now in the United States, are suffering from mental disorders.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): "Washington Post" has clarified: the condition of the former Afghan military forces known as "Zero Units" who were trained in the "CIA" spy organization, after being transferred to America, they suffer from the psychological trauma of the war.
According to the report, some of these forces who are waiting for their asylum applications to be accepted are struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts.
This American newspaper added: The period of residence of these forces, who were transferred to the United States under a special residency program, will end this summer, and it is unlikely that the law to facilitate the permanent residence of Afghan citizens will be approved by Congress soon.
The Washington Post writes that many Afghans who entered the United States through the evacuation program are facing difficulties adjusting to their new living environment in the United States, and some of them say they want to return to Afghanistan or go to a place like Iran.
One of these forces, who lost his leg in a war operation in Afghanistan, said that he is afraid of the lack of a bright future in America and suffers from economic problems and lack of work.
This former Afghan soldier added: He is unable to pay the monthly rent of 1,300 dollars and the agency helping them has also stopped paying the rent to the landlord and they have only 10 days to pay their debt, otherwise they have to vacate the house.
The CIA spy organization created the so-called "Zero" units in the early years of the US military presence in Afghanistan and initially recruited people from among the anti-Taliban militias to help gather information and carry out covert missions against it.
Over time, these units became a strike force whose members were from different branches of the Afghan armed forces.

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