Publish dateSaturday 15 April 2023 - 14:05
Story Code : 268473
The United Nations expressed concern over the dire living conditions of millions of people in Afghanistan
The spokesperson of the United Nations said that about 24 million Afghan citizens need humanitarian aid.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): in response to the ban on Afghan women's work in non-governmental organizations, Stephan Dujarric said: The restrictions and prohibitions of the Islamic Emirate authorities put us and the people of Afghanistan in a terrible situation.
The head of the European Parliament's delegation on Afghanistan strongly condemned the IEA's decision to ban Afghan women from working at the United Nations.
Without referring to the widespread consequences of the occupation of Afghanistan, Petras Ostrovichios added: "IEA alone is responsible for aggravating the suffering inflicted on its citizens."
After coming to power in Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, the Taliban group has banned Afghan girls from continuing their education beyond the sixth grade.
The Taliban also prevented female students from continuing their studies.
These actions of the IEA led to internal and external reactions.
The Taliban has promised many times to reform and reopen universities and schools for girls, but this promise has not been fulfilled.
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