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Ambassador and special representative of the Iran president for Afghanistan:

The Doha Summit should be an effort to put an end to the problems of the Afghans!

1 May 2023 - 8:52

The Ambassador and Special Envoy of the President of Iran to Afghanistan, in a meeting with the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Tehran, stated that today's problems in Afghanistan, such as terrorism, economic crisis, drugs, etc., are the legacy of twenty years of American occupation, and emphasized that the Doha Summit should be an effort towards an end to the problems of the people of Afghanistan.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: Mr. Hassan Kazemi Qomi tweeted about this meeting, referring to the Doha meeting on Afghanistan, in a meeting with the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Iran about the positive functioning of regional meetings and the expectation of the supporting role of the United Nations from these meetings.
He emphasized that the region is responsible for Afghanistan and the solution to the Afghan crisis should be pursued in the region.
This is despite the fact that earlier, Mr. Kazemi Qomi, in a special interview with the Afghan Voice (Ava) news agency, also said about the Doha meeting: the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Doha meeting is independent and based on a deep understanding of the realities and requirements that the interests of the people and The government of Afghanistan is also hidden in it.
By stating that Iran strongly and openly criticizes the way unilateral approaches are implemented by big governments and international organizations regarding Afghanistan, he noted: We believe that; The view of humanitarian issues by the United Nations should not be gendered.
At the same time, the special representative of the President of Iran for Afghanistan expressed his concern that the Security Council in this fall and winter, in a new turn and with different reasons, relying on Chapter Seven of the United Nations Charter, will impose more sanctions and sanctions against Afghanistan and the caretaker government.
He emphasized that Iran's position in Doha is based on an attitude towards the facts and principles that are not necessarily favorable to the great powers, but they will not become the spokesperson of a particular direction: "We believe that every government should be independent of the legitimate rights of its nation with reasoning and responsibly. This policy was observed by the international community in the defense we had of our nuclear rights under the NPT. Obviously, we hope that Afghanistan will follow the path of legitimate defense with an independent position and playing a responsible role.
The two-day meeting in Doha with the presence of the UN Secretary General and the special representatives of various countries and organizations in Afghanistan affairs will start tomorrow, Monday, 1st of May.

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