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Obedience, avoiding tyranny, having political analysis and organizational work; the four characteristics of a successful and effective young person / the view of Afghan youth should be global

6 May 2023 - 14:39

Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari during a speech in the group of young Afghan immigrants in holy Mashhad, mentioning worship, avoiding tyranny, having political analysis and organized activity as the characteristics of a successful and effective young person; noted: Such a young person should make himself strong and having a global horizon, present himself at the level of the Muslim Ummah and present analysis, plans and proposals, and be influential in the direction of the authority of Islamic societies.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Holy Mashhad: Hojjat-ul-Islam Wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, in a meeting with a group of Afghan cultural and social youth living in Holy Mashhad, called the youth force an important asset for himself, his family and the whole country and said: "If the youth force manages his life properly and has a correct understanding of his struggle, his personal, family and social issues, he can definitely come forward as an effective force.
The head of Tabian Center stated that this center has provided a suitable platform for the training and development of the talents of the youth and its goal is that the youth force is considered as a fundamental factor in building the country and expressed: even if the youth are not able to build the country in the fields They should at least move towards authority in all fields as capable elements in relation to their personal and family life.
While emphasizing that Almighty Allah never created human beings weak, limited and needy to live with suffering and to be poor people in the economic field, ignorant people in the cultural field and low-level people in the political and social field, he pointed out: God's goal This is not from the creation of man, but he created man with all the capabilities, gifts and blessings that are institutionalized in him and also the bed of other gifts and blessings that he has left in his environment so that he can use them and use his capacities and capabilities by benefiting from They raise up.
Hussaini Mazari, describing a balanced young Muslim, said: Such a young person should make himself strong and, having a global outlook, present himself at the level of the Muslim Ummah and present analysis, plans and suggestions, and be influential in the direction of the authority of Islamic societies.
In response to why the youth of Afghanistan have not succeeded in achieving such a goal, he said: This is due to the defects in our own society and the defects in the leaders of the society. This defect is related to the fathers of the society, a father who has one to ten young people in his house but could not manage them properly so that they have a proper emergence and development in life. Therefore, today we are faced with a multitude of wandering youths and forces whose purpose and path, and the means and facilities used in their lives are not clear. Therefore, they are confused and confused and do not know how to start life and where to lead.
Referring to the presence of hundreds of Afghan Muslim youths during the years of operation of this center, the head of Tebyan Center noted: Tebyan Center was established with the presence of such young people and today, with the presence of these young people, it is prominent not only in Afghanistan, but also in the region and the world. A highly organized organization is working in Afghanistan and it has disturbed the mood of the enemy to such an extent that the enemies turned to unhealthy propaganda, exaggeration and forgery, which, of course, could not achieve anything. Shamsi, the central office of Tebyan center was attacked in Kabul and fifty-two of our colleagues were martyred there, and last year, twenty-two birds attacked our office in Mazar-e-Sharif, and we had forty martyrs and wounded there.
In an advice to the young people present at the meeting, he said: Take time to build yourself so that you can be influential people in your life. If you want to be economic people, you must be a head and neck above the rest of the society. You must be rich and capable people so that you can reach your mouth and help your people. It is not only us and our stomachs that are important, but we must also reach other people. If you want to be successful in the cultural, social and political fields, you must be capable people so that you can fulfill your duties as today's youth and future managers of Afghanistan.
Hussaini Mazari further pointed out the four components of worship, avoiding tyranny, having political analysis and organized activity, as the characteristics of a successful and proud youth for the religion and the country, and explained each of these characteristics.
Also, Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Mohammad Hashemi Rasti, head of the Tebyan Center office in Mashhad, said in a speech at this meeting: Soft war will determine our most important social duties, and one of our most basic religious, national and human duties is to pay serious attention to this issue in the first step. And then the effort to perform tasks in this field.
According to him, in the past, the hegemonic countries and the colonial powers of the world made a lot of efforts and expenses in order to colonize the target societies, and they occupied the country and the target society militarily through extensive and widespread military wars, but today we see that due to Scientific and industrial advances have completely changed methods and techniques. They try to achieve their goals easily. In soft war, media and virtual space are tools of war.
He clarified, in the field of soft war, the enemy by using all the means, his ultimate intention and main goal is to weaken the divine values, scholastic values and belief in the revelation teachings in the public opinion of the people, especially in the opinion of the youth. Then he replaces the anti-values he has with the school and national Islamic values and after secularizing the public opinion, he tries to remove the Qur'an, hadiths and narrations from the context of basic social decisions and put them on the sidelines. Whenever this happens, it is clear that the fields of tyranny will be provided on a large scale for authoritarian countries.

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