Publish dateTuesday 23 May 2023 - 09:56
Story Code : 270499
A meeting was held between Iran and the Islamic Emirate regarding Iran
Ali Selajuqa, Vice President and Head of the Environmental Protection Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has announced the holding of a meeting between the officials of the Islamic Emirate and the Islamic Republic of Iran on the issue of Iran's water rights from the Helmand (Hirmand) River.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: According to IRNA news agency, Ali Selajuqa said on Monday (May 22) in a meeting in Iran's Alborz province, referring to the latest status of pursuit of Hirmand's water rights: "The president has personally entered into this issue." And today, a meeting was held with a group of Afghan leaders."
He has hoped that this issue will go in the direction of Iran receiving its water rights in terms of political diplomacy.
According to Iranian officials, the current and former rulers of Afghanistan have not secured Iran's water rights from the Hirmand River based on the 1351 treaty.
Currently, the officials of the Islamic Emirate say that there is not enough water in the Helmand River to reach Iran.
Amir Khan Muttaqi, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate, said in a meeting in Kabul yesterday that the Islamic Emirate is committed to the treaty of 1351; But in this case, the drought that is going on in Afghanistan and the region should not be overlooked and the Islamic Republic should not politicize the vital issue of water.
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